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UKoalaBag The Best Little Bag on the Planet

October 3, 2017 by mbrophy  
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“We just can’t make them fast enough,” says PJ Powell, CEO of UKoalaBags. The patented hands-free bag has seen rapid growth this year as Powell as his team continues to introduce their design to more and more tradeshow audiences. “It’s a product that a lot of people haven’t seen,” says PJ,” but the more shows we do, the more people are amazed.”

UKoalaBag is a versatile bag that is precisely engineered to be secure and comfortable in any situation. UKoalaBags can be worn different ways including as a cross body bag and over the shoulder. “Our patent really shines,” says PJ, “When worn around the waist and attached to the leg.”

Mayan, the inventor of UKoalaBag got the idea for the design when she was on a solo flight to Australia. PJ says, “Mayan was traveling overseas and wanted to take a nap at the airport but didn’t want to have her bag stolen. She took her shoelaces off and tied her bag to her leg.” Once she got to Australia, Mayan was fascinated by koala bears and how they were able to stay so secure in the trees just by hugging them. So, Mayan used the anatomical shape of the koala bear as the base for the UKoalaBag. From there, she used simple mathematical calculations to determine the curve of the bag to create balance and even weight distribution. PJ says during demonstrations, they have customers try on UKoalaBags and fill it with water bottles, “To show the weight distribution; you can’t even feel it.”

In addition to traveling, UKoalaBags are perfect for horseback riding, concealed carry, hunting, hiking, motorcycle riding, college campuses, public transportation, anti-theft deterrents, moms with young children, and “anytime you want to be hands-free,” says PJ. The UKoalaBag is a product that truly has to be seen or experienced to really appreciate, which is why it does so well in market environments. Being able to wear and demonstrate the product at your booth attracts shopper attention and really allows the product to shine.

UKoalaBag is unique in that it appeals to almost every shopper. The practical and versatile item is worn by men and women and available in a variety of colors and designs. For more information and to see a demonstration visit

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