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The Barnyard Flea Markets: Who Knows What You’ll Find?

October 12, 2017 by Molly Nichols  
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The Barnyard Flea Markets will celebrate their 30th anniversary come this April. They have five locations throughout South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina. Each location is easy to get to and attracts many visitors. With 500 vendor spaces and a vendor directory, shoppers are easily able to see what vendors are selling and where they can be located within each market. Thousands of vendors sell and millions of shoppers visit throughout the year. Despite these big numbers, there is still plenty of parking and room to move around. It is a family friendly environment with fun for all ages providing a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Barnyard Flea Markets offer a huge array of products. Their motto is “Who knows what you’ll find?” Flea market manager, Christina, says they truly live up to the slogan. She has been working at The Barnyard Flea Markets for 16 years and says you’ll see “anything from used items to furniture to crafts to food” and the list keeps on going.  There is “an array of items.” The markets are also very well kept and clean. Christina says all their vendor selling spaces “are under cover” and the management works hard to make sure the markets stay safe, clean, and enjoyable for all. In addition to the usual flea market finds, The Barnyard has all sorts of animals. They have a pet store on premises and a bird shop, as well as a “reptile guy” who has lizards, snakes, and all sorts of slithery animals for visitors to admire and purchase. It’s not everyday you can head to a flea market and leave with a new furry or feathery companion. It is a unique market with so much to offer.

There are several different rental options available for vendors interested in setting up shop at the Barnyard. There are permanent warehouses with mini stores that can be rented monthly, as well as daily rental rates for sellers who are looking for shorter term selling opportunities. Outdoor tables can be reserved at several locations as well as center aisle spots. Vendors have a large selection of options.

The numerous locations of the Barnyard fleas offer a clean and friendly environment for vendors and shoppers.  The markets have paved parking, wide aisles, centrally located bathrooms, as well as restaurants and snack bars. The Barnyard is more than just a flea market to sell wares or buy things, but a destination with fun activities to fill a visitor’s day.

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