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Small Business Saturday

October 19, 2017 by Molly Nichols  
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Small Business Saturday debuted in 2010 and was officially recognized by the United States Senate in 2011. American Express® created Small Business Saturday and they continue to evolve the event and provide services to small business owners, including flea and swap meet business owners. The credit card company offers free tools and resources online such as signage, social media posts, and a network of small business communities. Small Business Saturday grows year after year and continues to be a lucrative day of business for local sellers and shop owners.

The event is dedicated to supporting small businesses across the country. It is a perfect time for shoppers to prepare for the holidays. Small Business Saturday brings people together and benefits not only the business owner but also the community as a whole. Shopping small brings more to a town than big retail businesses and is being realized by more and more people thus increasing local business sales.

The history of this event may be rather short, but it is impressive. In 2014, 88 million consumers shopped on Small Business Saturday and spent $14.3 billion. The following year,  95 million people shopped and in 2016, just last year, shoppers spent $15.4 billion. Over $1 billion growth over the course of 2 years labels this as a success and then some. With the magnitude of shoppers on this day, it may be overwhelming for small shop owners. A successful Small Business Saturday takes some serious investment. Planning for Small Business Saturday is made easier with the help of American Express®’s online materials, but there are still some other ways to ensure you are prepared.

Prepping for a busy day of selling takes work both in your booth and online. Plan special sales for the day and make sure they are clear to shoppers and promote them through social media. If you have a website make sure the deals are available online and, in the past, shop owners have offered free shipping on their ecommerce sites. Stock up on inventory and make sure you are prepared for a big day of sales with products and staff. It may be the day after Black Friday, but Small Business Saturday requires extra employees offering the best customer service to shoppers. If you plan on doing any sort of live events make sure they are thoroughly planned and advertised. Some vendors will offer things like hands-on crafts, others will have a DJ, there is an innumerable amount of activities, but no matter what it is, make sure you and your staff are completely ready. Take advantage of the free services provided by American Express® and use their materials to post online and decorate your selling space in preparation. The week before, tell shoppers about the event and slip flyers into bags when shoppers make purchases. Promoting and preparing in person and online is imperative to having a successful Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday is a huge day of shopping. Millions of people hit the local streets looking for holiday gifts for friends, family, and even themselves. Flea vendors must work with their community to become involved. There are also remarkable tools available for sellers online through American Express. Signs can be hung at booths and flea markets in anticipation of the event and already created social media posts make marketing this event even easier. Small Business Saturday is a day of shopping small and local and is too good an opportunity to be passed up by anyone.

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