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Iphoenix: Technology You Can Trust

October 10, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Based out of El Monte, California, Iphoenix International Corporation is a professional wholesale company specializing in developing and distributing electronic products across the United States. Their manufacturing is done in Shanzhen, China, which allows them to offer highly competitive pricing to their customers. Iphoenix designs and creates their own products to follow the latest trends in consumer electronics, such as fidget spinners and selfie sticks. Because Iphoenix manufactures their own products, they are able to provide sellers with the very best wholesale pricing. This versatile company also has complete control over the manufacturing process, so the end result is top quality from beginning to end.

This holiday season, some of their best selling products include karaoke speakers and microphones, bluetooth headphones, and portable power banks. However, Iphoenix is constantly researching, developing, testing, and releasing new product lines, makes, and models. Their products are perfect gift items for the holiday season. For more information and to view their full range of products, please visit

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