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Gift Trends for Holiday 2017

October 5, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Keeping up with trends and consumer demands is more important now than ever as we head into Holiday 2017. Last year holiday sales totaled $658.3 billion according to the National Retail Federation. On average, holiday sales increase conservatively between three and four percent each year, which means in 2017 we can expect sales to reach at least $678 billion. The Merchandiser has forecast some of this year’s popular categories and consumer trends so sellers can make the most out of this lucrative season.

Tech With All the Sleigh Bells and Whistles
Thanks to constant advances, the tech gift industry continues to grow year after year. When it comes to chargers, power banks, and earbuds, it seems that enough is never enough. As these items continue to become smaller, faster and cheaper, shoppers will continue to buy more and more. Cellphone accessories and cases are staple items at many flea markets. As we approach the holidays, shoppers will expect to find great deals on these value-priced stocking stuffers.

‘Tis the Season for Nostalgia
Millennials are notorious for being infatuated with products and trends of yesteryear. Going beyond Throwback Thursday (#TBT), these shoppers are particularly receptive to nostalgia marketing. Whether it’s choker necklaces, Harry Potter, or even Pokémon, this generation loves anything that reminds them of childhood decades past. Whether you’re selling new, used, or vintage items, this is a trend all market sellers can capitalize on during this especially nostalgic time of the year.

Chestnuts About Holidays
Food at a flea market never disappoints. This is especially true for the holidays when sales for branded candies, nuts, and sweets spike. From hot chocolate making kits and gingerbread decorations to peppermint bark, festive food products appeal to shoppers of all ages. Different markets have different regulations on food sales, so be sure to check with our venue first. If allowed, offer samples and demonstrations to lure in customers by their senses.

Health is Wealth
Referred to as the next trillion-dollar industry, the demand for health and wellness products is not going away anytime soon. The gift of wellbeing and mindfulness is always welcome. Last holiday season, the Himalayan salt lamp was the must-have wellness gift. This year shoppers will be seeking out aromatherapy, essential oils, succulents, and candles. These small, affordable items can be easily integrated into any booth or market. In addition to being great sellers, these items will help give your shop a warm and welcoming environment.

Winter Accessory Wonderland
Hats, gloves, mittens, and scarves have been favorite stocking stuffer items for decades. 2017 is no exception. This year, oversized scarves, tassel earrings, fuzzy fabrics, and bright jewel-toned colors are your keys to success. Tech-friendly gloves and mittens are a must. In order to set yourself up for success, be sure to keep your display organized and stay competitive on price. You won’t be the only vendor with these products, so use merchandising strategies to set yourself apart.

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