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Black Friday Electronics from Direct Liquidation

October 17, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Direct Liquidation is having a not-to-be-missed electronic sales just in time for sellers to stock up for Black Friday sales. Following Apple’s iPhone X announcement last month, Michael Lawrence of Direct Liquidation predicts Apple products will be especially popular this season. “Hot sellers this time of year always include the latest Apple products since their new product announcements generally trigger a flurry of buying activity. Where I see value is looking at the older generations of Apple products since there is always a big price drop when the new models are announced. This creates an opportunity for the smart buyer to find deals on older inventory which still sells quite well.” He explains, “There are a lot of consumers who are happy to have an iPhone for 40 percent off regular retail price just because it’s got a scratch on it.”

In addition to Apple products, “Smartphones, tablets and laptops are also very popular this time of year,” continues Lawrence. “Since we sell refurbished goods there are always great deals to be had which can be passed on to your customers.” Lawrence advises merchants to check out lower grade stock. “The best deals and lowest competition can be found in the lower grades of merchandise.” This type of merchandise is perfect for flea markets, mini malls, and any setting where shoppers are on the lookout for great prices.

According to the National Retail Federation, almost 30 percent of consumers are planning to purchase electronics this holiday season. Considering last year’s holiday sales totaled $658.3 billion, electronics are a huge part of holiday business. To make the best margins on electronics, consider sourcing from closeout and liquidation wholesalers such as Direct Liquidation. They take in customer returns, end-of-life overstock, and closeouts from tier-one brands, and resell the products across the United States and Canada. Lawrence explains, “We have exclusive contracts to liquidate the nation’s largest retailers’ surplus inventory. We have millions of dollars in inventory you can’t get anywhere else.” Direct Liquidation has a consistent supply of high-profile products, which makes them a favorite for many vendors.

When it comes to purchasing closeouts, liquidations, and auctions it is important to manage your cash flow so that you can take advantage of new or unexpected deals. Lawrence explains, “Given the fluidity of the stock incoming and outgoing in general you want to be checking for inventory that matches what you typically sell to your clients everyday leading into the holiday season. You can’t predict when the right deal will come along. Make sure you have a cash buffer so you can jump on a deal when it presents itself as the competition for desirable product starts heating up in September.” To shop the auctions and to view additional buyer resources visit www.DirectLiquidation.com.

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