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Wellness Trends for the Fall Season

September 28, 2017 by Molly Nichols  
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Health, wellness, and beauty trends are always changing. Whether it is a cleansing diet everyone is trying, or an otherwise overlooked item that turns out to boost your wellbeing, every season brings new products and lifestyle ideas. There are a few trends that stand out for the upcoming fall and winter season at flea markets.

All natural products are all the rage. People want to know what they are putting on and into their body and understand the process behind it.  54% of women want skin care to be “all natural.” Selling locally or self made beauty products will have customers lining up at your booth. Customers have become much more concerned for their environment and bodies and want to make sure that what they are buying will benefit both.

Conquering stress naturally and maintaining a calm state of mind has always been important, but recently became much more popular. Fidget spinners took over the stress relief market this summer and continue to sell well. There are other gadgets, such as the fidget cube, that help with stress relief and a new products such as therapy dough called Pinch Me, that will be a hot items come fall and winter. Any sort of product or toy that promises stress relief and more control over one’s body and mind will sell well.

Crystals are known for having special powers that aid in various aspects of a person’s wellbeing. Selling crystals that double as beautiful decorations and healing agents will be popular in the colder months. Crystals by themselves are trendy, but give them an extra boost by creating your own designs and incorporating crystals with wire and beads. This will offer shoppers’ health benefits and unique décor.

Books are always a good item to sell at flea markets, but books centering on self-care are especially popular this season. People are interested in buying wellness products as well as understanding their purpose and how to live their best life. Literature that offers insight into new ways to reach peak health, cookbooks focusing on an all-natural diet, and similar subjects will sell themselves at your booth. Health, wellness, and beauty books will be just as popular as the products featured alongside them.

This fall and winter season make sure your customers are healthy and stress free. All natural products you can make yourself, stress relief toys, crystals and healing decorations, and the information people need to live a wholesome life are the latest crazes of the wellness industry.

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