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Springfield Flea Market

September 14, 2017 by Molly Nichols  
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The oldest flea market in South Carolina, Springfield Flea Market is the go-to for vintage clothes, accessories, and furniture. They are also the most extensive flea market in the area and offer the widest variety of items. It’s the perfect place for collectors, treasure hunters, or anyone looking to fill their day with something fun. The flea market values family and welcomes everyone onto their grounds every Saturday and Monday.

Springfield Flea Market offers a large range of items from antique coins to used washers and dryers. They have an entire selection of used appliances in mint condition. They are also known for the extensive amount of vintage and local clothing vendors. Their clothes are funky and creative and speak for themselves. Some vendors provide food as well. Springfield Flea Market has all their bases covered!

Vendors of all sorts are welcome at Springfield Flea. Whether planning on being a repeat seller or just showing up instead of having a garage sale, they enjoy having new vendors every week as well as forming a community with the regulars. Springfield Flea Market is the oldest flea market in South Carolina and the biggest in its area offering a wide variety of products and vendors.

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