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Halloween Selling Tips

September 20, 2017 by Molly Nichols  
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Halloween is a great holiday to take advantage of in order to boost sales before winter rolls in. Here are some tips for making the most out of Halloween sales:

1. Decorate

Attract shoppers to your booth with some spooky displays. Put Halloween themed or colored items at the front and make sure people strolling past can clearly see your Halloween merchandise. Use small Halloween decorations such as fake cobwebs or skulls and disperse them throughout your items; you could even make a scarecrow to greet customers. Having candy at your booth will bring younger shoppers and their parents over to you as well. The more festive your booth looks, the more people will be intrigued, interested, and likely to stop.

2. Events

Halloween themed events are always fun and attract a large crowd. See what flea markets in your area are doing and arrange to be prepared and in attendance for anything related to the holiday including costume contests and trick-or-treating. If there is nothing in your area, have an event of your own and try and get other vendors on board to all have candy to give out at their booths. You can also offer special treats for anyone in a costume. Let people know about your events through signs at your booth and online. An event can be small, but effective for sales.

3. Social Media

If you are on social media make sure you post about any events you’ll be attending and special merchandise you have just for the holiday. In addition, post about deals and offer special discounts or include a themed item for anyone who follows you online. Flea market vendors and shoppers are known to haggle so offering a small discount won’t detract from that and including a free gift with purchases may make buyers more inclined to spend more.

From spooky decorations to giving out candy, there are many ways you can maximize sales this Halloween.

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