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Growing Sales with Social Media

September 14, 2017 by Molly Nichols  
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Marketing your booth through social media can be extremely beneficial to your business. An entirely new audience will be reached and your loyal customers will have new ways to interact with you. Here is some advice on getting the most for your booth through marketing on social media.

1) Streamline Your Appearance

People need to be able to visually connect your in-person business with your online presence. Make sure you maintain a specific image and message through social media and real life. If you do not have a logo, create one to use as a profile picture and make a poster of it to have propped up at your booth. If you already have a logo make sure it is consistent with the one you use for social media. The way you interact with people online should be similar to how you act in-person. Being friendly both online and in real life is always helpful for making sales.

2) Post updates

Keeping your customers in the know through social media marketing is a sure way to bring in more business. Flea markets are always changing and you may be at a different one each day. Updating followers with your location and plans for the weekend will let more people know where to find you and your products. If there is a big flea market or event you are attending, make sure you promote it online. Add details and updates about it as you receive them. When you get new items to sell, post about them. Let customers know what to expect and pique their interest with pictures of new and great pieces they will be dying to get their hands on. When you are at your booth, post behind the scenes action. Share pictures of fellow vendors rolling in at the crack of dawn and news about who is there and other information on what shoppers can expect.

3) Create Content

People use social media for many reasons, but mostly to learn new things, stay updated, and to be inspired. By creating your own content you can accomplish all three goals of your followers. As a flea market vendor, you are an insider; people want to know what you know. You don’t need to share all of your secrets, but post tips and advice for both vendors and shoppers. People love to see flea market flips: there is an entire television show about it. Post about your own projects and new items you acquire with possible DIY project ideas. Shoppers will enjoy getting ideas on how to transform their purchases. Sharing your knowledge and experience through social media will make you a resource for shoppers and vendors alike.

Social media marketing can be done easily with streamlined, original, and interesting content. Keep your followers updated and make sure they can spot you both on and off line. With an online presence, your sales will grow just as fast as your follower count.

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