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Fidget Spinner Spiral

August 18, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Are fidget spinners disappearing as quickly as they came? Answer: Not likely. Last May, the gadgets were the subject of national news as schools around the country started banning or supporting fidget spinners. Google searches and YouTube videos for fidget spinners reached an all-time high that same month. Nearly every vendor was quick to jump on this trend as the affordable plastic toys took over pop culture

Like any other craze that sweeps through our nation’s middle schools, fidget spinner teen madness can’t last forever. But, that doesn’t mean they are completely disappearing from our marketplace. Though Google search trends and You Tube traffic surrounding the spinners have died down, those numbers do not necessarily reflect sales numbers. By now, everyone knows what fidget spinners are. Most purchases do not start with a Google search, so shoppers are going directly to vendors to purchase the gadgets. It is likely spinner sales will carry through the holiday season with the help of some updated and eye-catching models.

At this tail end of the craze, fidget spinners are solidifying their longevity by appealing to older shoppers and collectors. After all, the trend started with a Forbes article declaring spinners as a “must have office toy of 2017.” At the height of the fad, inexpensive plastic spinners that retail for a few dollars were the most popular. Now, manufacturers and entrepreneurs are coming up with variations on the classic spinner by adding features such as Blue tooth speakers, LED lights, metallic finishes, glow in the dark paint, and more. Keep the momentum going on fidget spinner sales at your booth this fall by diversifying your inventory with up to date models.

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