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Crazy for Crazy Loops

August 8, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Sheri Weinhold created Crazy Loops just a few years ago. She was attending a breast cancer walk and wanted to decorate her shoes to show support. However, she couldn’t find anything other than plain ribbon. So, Sherri took a silicone bracelet and attached it to her shoes with a safety pin. “It really gained a lot of attention,” says Sherri. “So I filed a patent for the design, and from there Crazy Loops really took off.”

Crazy Loops are fun silicone charms that can decorate sneakers, backpacks, key rings, binders; the options are nearly infinite. They are currently available in 24 different designs and retail in packs of two. Crazy Loops also offers necklaces and carabineers so shoppers can wear or store all of their Crazy Loops at once. “Kids love collecting them and trading them,” says Sheri. “The packs of two are great for sneakers and also for kids to have an extra one for trading.”

Similar to the popular fidget spinner, Sheri says many students attach Crazy Loops to pencils and use them as a focusing tool. In fact, “Many teachers have purchased them for their classroom as sensory learning devices.” Emoji designs and sports themes are some of the most popular Crazy Loops. The Loops For A Cause program is also very popular. These Crazy Loops reflect different awareness efforts and organizations. Sheri is continually updating and releasing new designs, so children and families always have something new to add to their Crazy Loops collections.

Crazy Loops are a great product for flea vendors because they are fun, unique, and practical impulse buys with a friendly price point. “They’re really colorful, eye-catching, and family oriented,” says Sheri. For wholesalers, opening orders start at just 50 packs. There are also floor and counter displays available for easy merchandising. For more information visit

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