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Summer Sunglasses

July 6, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Sunglasses are the quintessential impulse item for retailers during summer months. Most people own several pairs, and won’t hesitate to buy another pair if they need them in the moment, or find a new style that appeals to them. Though they certainly can be name-dropped and customized for specific tourist destinations, sunglasses are profitable seasonal impulse purchases all on their own.

CTS Wholesale has decades of experience selling wholesale sunglasses to flea market, fair, festival, and concert vendors, as well as brick and mortar retailers. They have a wide range of classic and trendy styles in a variety of colors. Kirk Bechelder of CTS recommends not being too heavy handed with any one style. “Having a broad selection ensures you have something for everyone.” He also advises that while classic styles and colors are always consistent sellers, brights and multicolor glasses are especially fun and eye-catching for summer sales. For more information visit

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