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Personal Touch Products: Custom Gifts, High Margins

July 6, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Personal Touch Products offer flea, fair, and festival vendors a unique opportunity to create and sell completely customized and meaningful gifts. Their three signature software programs allow vendors to print one-of-a-kind art products detailing first and last name meanings and origins, family coat of arms, and pet mementos for customers on the spot.

Using your computer and the unique software and supplies offered by this company, you can create a wide variety of beautiful gift items including framed and matted keepsakes, jewelry boxes, mouse pads, ceramic plates, address books, key chains, clocks, calendars, and more. Their software allows you to create personalized gifts for just about every occasion you can think of. A typical gift takes less than two minutes to create and yields extremely high profit margins.

Step One: Choose Your Software

Personal Touch Products offers three different software options for creating custom gifts: one for name meanings, one for family coat of arms, and one for pets. John Trapani, the creator of Personal Touch Products, recommends vendors start out with the software for name meanings, called Gifts on Art. “Any name in the world is included,” says Trapani. “Creating the prints for customers is a very fun and very positive interaction. It’s especially engaging for flea and festival environments. Easily bring people in by asking, ‘Hey, we look up name meanings for free, how do you spell your first name?’ Then point them to the different artwork they can choose from if they would like to have their name meaning printed.”

Trapani recommends that the Coat of Arms and Pets on Art software packages make excellent add-ons to the Gifts on Art program. The coat of arms software creates family heritage gifts and includes over 1,000 family names. The program can also create mementos based on 200 countries of origin. The Pets on Art software creates gifts for different pet breeds and pet tributes. “Pets are people’s family,” says Trapani, “So this add-on does really well.”

Step Two: Choose Your Kit

After deciding which software program is best for your business, select a start up kit with different printable artwork, signs, frames, art bags, order forms, and more. Basic start-up kits are $249. However, Trapani recommends flea, fair, and festival sellers start with the Silver Kit or higher for a wider selection of artwork. Higher-level supply kits include poetry books for customers to further personalize their products, additional art bags, and more. Kits come pre-packaged with Personal Touch Product’s top-selling print backgrounds, so there is no guesswork involved.

Step Three: Sell!

Once you have your startup kit with your chosen software, all you need to start selling is a Windows-based computer and a laser printer to create personalized artwork for customers. Trapani recommends setting up your both with two tables, “Generally in an L-shaped configuration. One table will have the computer and printer to create gifts, another with displays of the artwork,” he explains. “You want to display as much of the artwork as possible by incorporating some type of vertical display. This will help open up your booth, grab attention, and make it very inviting.”

In addition to fair and festival season, Personal Touch Products sell very well at flea markets throughout the year. “These are year-round gifts that are also great for weddings, Valentine’s Day, graduations, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Easter, engagements, and really any kind of individualized gift giving,” says Trapani. Unlike other retail products, which typically have a 50 percent markup, many Personal Touch gifts have margins well over 300 percent. Trapani explains, “The markup is very significant. This has a lot to do with the perceived value. These gifts cost very little to make, but sell at a great price.” For more information visit www.PersonalTouchProducts.com.

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