Friday, December 14, 2018

4 Easy Tips for Summer Sales

As veteran flea and fair vendors know, summer is peak selling season for many markets. Warm-weather flea market goers are as diverse as the markets themselves. During the summer months, shoppers are often tourists, day-trippers, or families looking for a new activity. You can also expect to see antique collectors, creative repurpose artists, and anyone looking to spend some time outdoors.

Particularly for outdoor fleas, this busy season is often also the most profitable season for many vendors. Make the most of the season with a few simple adjustments that can take your sales from steady to soaring.

Summer Souvenir Sales

Fun and practical seasonal products are sure sellers during the summer months. Many flea markets see an increase in tourists looking for souvenirs to remember their warm-weather travels. Appease traveling shoppers by offering small, portable products that are name-dropped for your location or symbolic for your area.

Impulse buys related to outdoors and summer holidays such as sunglasses, yard games, hats, etc. are all timely seasonal products that are easy to quickly incorporate into your inventory.

Make it Fun

Especially during crowded fairs and festivals, competing for shoppers’ attention can be extra difficult. Having a booth that is interactive can help set you apart from the crowd and hold customers attention for even longer. Games, personalized and custom-made products, crafts, and sampling are all fun ways to grab customer’s attention and in turn, dollars.

Staff Strategically

Busier markets mean more people stopping by your both. Hopefully, more shoppers will equal more sales. However, more traffic also means more chances for missed opportunities. It’s impossible to pay full attention to more than one group of customers at a time. Every shopper or passerby you’re not able to greet or talk to is a missed opportunity. In order to not let sales slip away, consider getting extra help for the peak season. Trusted friends and family members are great options but don’t be afraid to hire a part-time employee who you can train and coach.

Pricing and Promotions

Above all else, the most influential factor for flea market purchasing decisions is the price. More than anything else, shoppers look to flea markets for low prices and unbeatable bargains. Offering volume discounts is an easy and straightforward solution. This works especially well for jewelry, food products, accessories like sunglasses, and souvenirs. If one item is $8, offer two for $15, three for $20, etc. Shoppers get a great value and you move more inventory. Offering discounts for shoppers who check-in to the market or your business on social media is also a great way to help gain some word of mouth advertising.

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