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Treasures At Escondido World Marketplace

April 4, 2017 by LisaE  
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Are you feeling hungry? Well, then you might want to step out to the Escondido World Marketplace in Escondido, CA! With over a dozen restaurants, snack bars, and a huge selection of farmer’s market produce offerings, this marketplace has a treat for every palate!

In addition to having fantastic food and farm-to-table foods, the Escondido World Marketplace has been a fixture in these parts for more than 40 years. Offering both permanent building spaces, open field shaded and unshaded spaces, vendors are free to rent spaces by the day, and may also reserve a space for a month at a time, if that is your preference.

Open every Wednesday through Sunday, the market is home to many family businesses and celebrates the fun and diversity of their community. On any given day, the marketplace will host 400 vendors and 15,000 shoppers, so as a vendor, you know you will have lots of foot traffic to your booth!

New vendors are welcome, and can find more information on the market’s web site. A vendor directory is also listed on the website, with additional information on market hours, vendor hours and admission fees. To contact the market directly, please call 760-233-7703.

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