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Morgan Imports: The One Stop Shop for Outdoor Comfort Items

April 25, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Morgan Imports was founded in 2007 with their original line of Pump Bottle Misters. Company co-founder and CFO Debby Morgan notes she and her husband have a long history of selling in flea markets and swap meets. After taking a break from the industry, they came back and created the Pump Bottle Mister with the simple idea of creating comfort at outdoor events. “It seems like such a simple idea, but knowing the industry and knowing how hot it can get, we knew these would be extremely popular,” says Morgan. “Especially if you prefill them with water. We sold the PB Misters™at a country music festival and had twelve registers with 50 people deep simultaneously waiting to purchase the misters.”

Since then Morgan Imports LLC has expanded into warehouse facilities in both California and Texas for retail, wholesale and fundraising distribution. They now have several main lines including the original PB Misters™, Mister Chill® lines, the Chilling Towels line and most recently have added a line of The Hangouts™. Coming this spring, Morgan Imports is also launching a line of Chilling Towels for pets.

The Chilling Towels currently come in neck and body option and several different colors. These towels become instantly cold when placed in water, and stay cold for hours. They are also antimicrobial to ward off any mold, mildew, or odors. This product is another popular option for outdoor flea, fair, and festival retailers. However, Chilling Towels are also great for any outdoor activity during the warm summer months. They help keep you cool and safe from overheating. The new pet Chilling Towel has the same technology but is fitted with a neck strap and comes in many sizes so all dogs can relax or play in the sun comfortably.

The Hangouts™ are comfortable inflatable loungers that are filled using an air scooping method – meaning no equipment needed. Though they are large when inflated, The Hangouts™ can be packed small for easy traveling. Over the past few years, The Hangouts™ have become extremely popular products for outdoor activities such as music festivals, fairs, concerts, beach trips, camping trips, sporting events, and even hanging out in the park.

Morgan Imports partners with Fatboy® and Lamzac® to offer an exclusive licensed and quality product. Morgan Import’s version has an elastic strap to secure the lounger from the wind and a velcro storage pocket. They are made out of rip-stop nylon and are available in many colors. For more information on all of Morgan Import’s products, visit

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