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Fiber Optic Apparel from EDMPlug

April 12, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Fiber optic clothing and accessories are an exciting inventory addition for any vendor this fair and festival season. These eye-catching apparel items are an attention-grabber for retailers and festival-goers alike. Zach Meador of EDMPlug and creator of HolyThreads! fiber optic clothing tells Merchandiser, “People are drawn to this product like nothing else. The fiber optics and quality are really impressive in person.” EDMPlug was founded because Meador and his team were looking to become an integral part of EDM (electronic dance music) culture. At the time, there weren’t many quality products available. Today, EDMPlug has an expansive product line made from high-quality materials, including their fiber optic apparel.

The fiber optic apparel is available in tank tops, sleeveless hoodies, tie, and halter-top fits. Meador explains they experimented with many fabrics and materials before finalizing this product. “The material itself lights up, and that is what makes this product so special. There’s really nothing else like it on the market.” Each piece of fiber optic clothing comes equipped with a discreet rechargeable battery pack that lasts up to eight hours. Each garment also comes in eight different settings: red, blue, green, white, flash, strobe, fade and smooth.

This apparel does exceptionally well in retail areas with high foot traffic. Meador explains wearing the products is really the best way to sell them and to attract attention to your store. The minimum order for wholesale pricing is $500. Additional discounts are available for larger quantities of singular products. The garments come in retail packaging.

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