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Biker’s Best Friend: Ride Eazy

April 18, 2017 by LisaE  
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Harris Mohammed is no stranger to a flea market or swap meet booth — in fact, he still sells regularly at many motorcycle and motocross racing events. Why? Mohammed’s line of trendy and stylish motorcycle helmets, boots and gloves are a sure seller at motorsports events, and in addition to selling the products wholesale, he likes to keep his hand in the retail side, too.

“The half helmets are a best seller for me,” Mohammed explains, “The boots and the gloves are primarily for racing, and the half helmets focus on the cruiser bike market.” Offering a line of half helmets which are the smallest, thinnest SOA style of DOT approved headgear, Ride Eazy also carries helmets for Motocross enthusiasts, offering a range of both adult and kids sizes and styles.

The company has also added padded and protective leatherwear to their merchandise list, including mid-short and long length racing boots, and various styles and colors of racing gloves, all geared to rider safety.

For more information on the full product range of Ride Eazy merchandise, please visit the website at or for wholesale pricing, please visit

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