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Hongar Farms: “Tastes as Good as it Looks”

March 17, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Food products have always sold well at flea markets, fairs, swap meets, and festivals. In 2017, this is true now more than ever. Pair great tasting goods with beautiful presentation and a 400-year-old history, and you have yourself a recipe for success. Hongar Farms produces specialty oils and gourmet vinegars whose formulas and foundations date back to sixteenth-century Austria.

All of their oils and vinegars are 100% natural with no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, sodium, or cholesterol. Hongar Farms products, including herb infused olive oil, are produced and manufactured right in the United States. Todd Hurst of Hongar Farms tells Merchandiser Group, “All of the beautiful herb stems, infusions, and wax corks are all applied meticulously by hand to ensure great quality, just as they have been for many years.”

Hurst explains that not just food, but specifically gourmet food products in beautiful packaging perform exceptionally well at flea markets “because they are a treasure hunt item.” Flea market shoppers are looking for something unique, something beautiful, something useful, and something that grabs their attention that they can’t find anywhere else. “Hongar Farms products offer all of those qualities rolled into one,” he explains.

In addition to looking great in the kitchen, using as a bread dipper, and flavoring dishes as cooking oil, Hurst says many of their shoppers love giving the infused oils as gifts. “It’s a great item for dinner parties, special occasions, and teacher gifts. Our products are a unique alternative to gifting the traditional bottle of wine, and we’re always amazed at all of the positive feedback we receive.”

For flea market, swap meet, fair, and festival vendors, Hurst recommends two types of oil bottles to incorporate into your display: their short cruet style bottle with a wax top and the tall and elegant slender bottle with the long herb stems and corked top. “They are very attractive and unique bottles that will really pop off the shelf,” Hurst says.

Honger Farms has a low order minimum of one case of six bottles, with one type of oil and bottle per case. For more information visit For ordering, contact Global Specialty Foods, Inc.

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