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Gloco Accents for Colorful Occasions

March 16, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Gloco AccentsGloco Accents is a party and candle specialist founded in 2011 after partners Terry Enepekides and Danny Carbone discovered new color flame candles in China. Brenda Bedard, president of Gloco Accents, tells Merchandiser that shortly after their discovery, “Enepekides and Carbone signed an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with the patent holder and factory owner to form Rainbow Moments®, a Gloco Accents brand.” Today, the color flame candles are available in tea light and taper varieties, but Gloco’s signature and most popular product is the color flame birthday candle. These wax-free candles are made out of citric acid crystals, bonding agents, and special salts that keep the candle strong. Safe metals tint the flame when lit, creating the colored glow. “Our candles are non-toxic, biodegradable, water soluble, and environmentally friendly,” continues Bedard.

Their entire line of candles is extensive and ever expanding and includes color flames, traditional flames, and cake toppers. “We have something for every style and taste,” says Bedard. Their best sellers include the multi-color assortment, the pink-purple ‘girl’ collection, the blue-green ‘boy’ collection, and their crayon-style package for toddlers.

Bedard explains candles from Gloco Accents are a great item for flea vendors because they are such a fun novelty item and easy impulse buys. “Although out wax-free candles are more expensive than traditional paraffin ones, people are willing to pay a few cents more to surprise loved ones with candles that are fun and different.” Since Gloco works directly with the inventor and patent holder for color flamed candles, they take great price in offering top quality and unique products. “You may find similar candles under different brand names,” says Bedard, “But these are knockoffs. When you purchase our brand name, Rainbow Moments®, you know you are buying direct and receiving the best possible price.”

For 2017, Gloco Candles is expanding their product lines to include paraffin candles, new colors, and traditional party items.  Be sure to check their website regularly for updates, or sign up for their newsletter to stay up-to-date on all of Gloco Accent’s product offerings.

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