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Discount Truckloads: Reverse Logistics and More

March 17, 2017 by tracyb  
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Discount TruckloadsDiscount Truckloads is an experienced wholesale supplier of retail returns, customer returns, shelf pulls, overstock, liquidation, and closeout merchandise. They have thousands of pallets in stock spanning a wide variety of product categories and sources. Discount Truckloads also offers processing and remarketing services.

Originally founded as an electronics company, Paul Stansbury, VP of sales, says their company grew into a successful reverse logistics business as a result of their “knowledge and ties to the tech and online sales communities.” Stansbury continues that Discount Truckloads has a huge history of selling on eBay, and were able to build programs through their specific knowledge of online sellers, including a specialization in working with small and independent companies with their online sales. According to Stansbury, “this is an often overlooked segment of the reverse logistics field, but we have an entire ecommerce department.”

Discount Truckloads handles a wide range of merchandise with specialties in apparel, general merchandise, and electronics. “We are very strong in apparel,” says Stansbury. “It is one of our biggest categories.” Their suppliers include national brands such as Wal-Mart®, Target®, and Amazon®, so vendors can expect a variety of low-priced products. While their pallets and truckloads are great steals for flea vendors, they are also a great option or venturing into ecommerce. Discount Truckloads focuses on working with smaller businesses, and can even offer help and support for companies just getting off the ground. “As a company, we focus on building partners,” says Stansbury. “I guide customers in an honest direction that will work well for them. We often visit our different customers to really get an understanding of what their needs are. They know they can call me at 10pm if they’re stuck on a problem and I’m going to help them through it. As a result, our customer loyalty is very strong. We consider our buyers to be partners who come together to strengthen our power collectively. We’re only successful if they are profitable,” he concludes.

Discount Truckloads is attending ASD Marketweek this month to showcase their merchandise and reverse logistics services. Look for them at booth #SU2311 for show specials and guidance. Discount Truckloads has also recently partnered with Behalf to offer financing and credit lines to customers. For more information on their merchandise and services, visit

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