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Cut the Cord on Cable with Magic Stick TV™

March 16, 2017 by mbrophy  
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Magic Stick TVThe average cable bill in the United States is easily around $130, says Omar Naweed, inventor of the Magic Stick TV™.  “Everyone wants to cut the cord, but they don’t know how.” Naweed created the initial Magic Stick TV when his cable bill frustrated him. “They bundle you in, lock you in, and you end up paying for services and channels you’re not using.” After inventing the prototype in his garage, friends and family started asking for their own Magic Sticks. “It’s a really straightforward product that provides a simple solution to people’s cable problems.”

Many national and local television channels are broadcasted digitally for citizens to use free of charge. This process is monitored by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Magic Stick picks up these channels. Naweed explains that the picture quality from these free broadcasts is often better than the picture quality of cable TV. “The free digital broadcasts are better quality because the signal is not compressed, meaning you can pick it up directly. With cable companies, they have to compress the signal in order to rebroadcast it. As a result, antenna TV is a brighter, richer, and clearer picture.” Back in 2009, the United States made the switch from analog TV broadcasting to digital. The snowy pictures and unstable signals of traditional bunny-ear antennas were caused by analog signals. The digital signals used today are much clearer.

Magic Stick TV™ can be used with any digital television. Naweed explains that it is a perfect fit for today’s consumers because it pairs well with streaming services. “In order to cut cable many people are using streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. What you miss out on with these services is live and local broadcasting. Magic Stick TV™ is a great match for these consumers because it puts live and local back in their hands.”

Naweed explains that Magic Stick TV™ is a great product for flea market and value-priced shopping environments because it has a lot of appeal to cost-conscious consumers. “It is a low-risk high-reward product. You can purchase a Magic Stick at a flea market or swap meet for $10, $15, or even $20 in exchange for no more cable bills – it essentially pays for itself within the first week. If it doesn’t work out for someone, it’s not a big loss. But the potential to cut out your cable bill and save that $100+ every month is a huge motivator.”

All Magic Stick TV™ products are manufactured in the United States. Naweed continues that “Magic Sticks are shaped completely different from traditional antennas, so the curiosity factor really draws people in.” The Magic Stick product and design is patent-pending. To learn more about Magic Stick TV™ visit or visit Naweed at the ASD Marketweek trade show this month.

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