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Profit from Holiday Overstock with Direct Liquidation

January 19, 2017 by mbrophy  
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For the retail industry, January means one thing: returns. Though returns are bad news for many box stores, they provide a great opportunity for flea and other value-priced sellers. Customer returns are usually not resold at the original store but are resold to a reverse logistics or liquidation company, which then resells those items at a deeply discounted wholesale rate to other retailers and vendors.

Michael Lawrence of Direct Liquidation, says, “We love January. That’s when we get the largest stock of returns all from the holiday season. For flea vendors, it’s the perfect time to find deals as people like me are under pressure to turn over the large volumes of inventory we’re receiving very quickly.”

Direct Liquidation takes in customer returns, overstock, and closeouts from many tier one brands including GM and Apple. “We get major retailer’s customer returns directly from the source,” says Lawrence. “We sell untouched GM loads at great prices but also break down a portion of our GM pallets received into over 40 categories, allowing our customers to mix and match the product types to just about any combination they need to.” Direct Liquidation offers 200 other product categories, including automotive, clothing, furniture, beauty, general merchandise, home, office, toy, pet, and more.

New for January, Direct Liquidation is “launching a major retailer’s Apple IOS program,” says Lawrence. “This will be a new, steady stream of refurbished IOS product moving forward,” he continues. “We also launched a program selling new and like new product from Amazon Liquidations by the pallet.”

For new customers, Lawrence recommends purchasing smaller loads to test consumer demand and to make sure the selling process matches your expectations. For example, margins are generally tight for popular electronics. Lawrence says that you need to focus on building a name and reputation for your business and find products that are right for your and your margins. For more information, visit

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