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Buyer’s Flea Market Rebuilds

January 12, 2017 by LisaE  
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Buyer's Flea Market RebuildsChicago area vendors, rejoice! 10 months ago the Buyer’s Flea Market located at 4545 West Division Street in Chicago, suffered a devastating fire and was forced to close down, leaving both shoppers and vendors at a loss.  In mid-December 2016, market president and general manager Greg Morand, was able to secure a permit to begin constructing new buildings on the site.

Morand explains that the new construction will be approximately the same size as the previous building, and the permit application placed the cost of the construction at just over $13 million. The entire Buyer’s Flea Market team is excited to get started and they plan to re-open in June 2017.

“We’re excited. It’s been a long journey from March until now,” Morand says. “There are so many people wanting this and depending on it.”

Vendors like the Sahagun family are greatly relieved to hear that the market will be return — and soon.

“For 15 years, we’ve worked as a family to grow our business and provide quality products to our customers. My parents dedicated everything to our family business but now it has unfortunately been destroyed,” says Gaby Sahagun, who ran the fruit stand known as “El Tipico” at the original market.

Morand has remained positive throughout the entire process, saying,  “Everybody’s been working very hard to get back what the vendors and the community lost.”

“We changed everything we could think of to make the building better and safer,” he continues, and noting that the new building will offer updated bathrooms, elevators and extra shopper and vendor amenities.

We at the Merchandiser wish them much success in their new venture!

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