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Top Products for 2017

December 1, 2016 by mbrophy  
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2017 brings a fresh start to vendors and businesses across the country. Overall, retail sales are expected to grow 3.4%. As we transition our national leadership and navigate through new proposed economic plans, policies, and taxes, many shoppers and sellers alike have high hopes for the New Year. Many states have voted for higher minimum wages and President-elect Trump’s proposed new tax plans will mean lower taxes for many individuals and businesses, all of which will hopefully translate to more confident and flexible consumer spending.

Consumers are looking for budget-friendly technology, customized products, simple solutions to everyday problems, and quality made in the USA products. To help you prepare for the new busy year, The Merchandiser Group has gathered many of our favorite top selling, new, and trending products. All of these items were handpicked because of their quality, popularity, and ability to be easily added to almost any vendor’s booth.

Hair Spirals by Danny Girl DesignsHair Spirals by Danny Girl Designs

Danny Girl Designs is a women-run family business based out of Tarpon, Florida. The mother and daughter team have created and sold 100% made in the USA hair spirals for many years. Their newest line is the “best one yet,” says mother Debbie Dooley. Originally starting with clay hair wraps, and beaded or wired hair wraps, Danny Girl Designs has perfected their new patent-pending line of “super durable, flexible spirals,” continues Dooley. The original clay spirals that have been around for years tend to break. Glass spirals do not grip onto the hair. Danny Girl Designs spirals are suitable for all ages and have the appearance of glass, while being safe for kids and gripping onto hair. The spirals come in two lengths of 5” and 10” with a customizable charm at the end, and are available in many different colors.

Danny Girl Designs hair spirals have been very successful at flea markets, festivals and events, and at gift shops. Wholesale orders have a low minimum of $50. Buyers can purchase a starter pack or pick and choose specific colors and styles. For more information call 813-244–1885.

Danny Girl Designs
Tel: 813-244–1885

Fortune Products - LitecubesLitecubes™ by Fortune Products

Fortune Products, an innovator in the LED lighting industry, provides patented and trademarked décor, party, and novelty lighting for vendors at all price points.  Litecubes™ are small drink cubes that are exciting for parties and events. Simply freeze the cubes and put them in any drink so it stays cool, doesn’t get watered down, and has a fun LED effect. When the beverage is gone, the cubes can be washed and re-used again and again. Litecubes™ can run for over six hours and come in three different settings including a constant-on setting and two different flash speeds. Litecubes™ are available in packs of 24 cubes of a single color, and come in nine different colors. Litecubes™ are also available in pumpkin and skull varieties that are perfect for seasonal parties.  For more information, call 800-345–9739.

Fortune Products
2824-A Old Hartford Road
Lake Stevens, WA 98258
Tel: 425-334-9739
Toll-Free: 800-345-4833

MagnetudesMagnetudes Emoji Car Magnets

Emojis remain a consistent top-selling trend and are now a marketplace staple. Magnetudes offers unique copyrighted designs of new emojis with sassy captions on novelty magnets. The magnets are primarily designed for cars and include sayings such as “Road Rager en Route,” “Honk if You’re Single,” and “Get Off the Phone.” Magnetudes also has emoji family stick figure decals. The magnets typically sell very quickly and offer vendors high-profit margins. They are a great way to show your personality on the road. Magnetudes make fun novelty items, impulse buys, and gag gifts. With a low minimum order of $75, Magnetudes are an easy addition to your inventory.

Tel: 616-803–1890

PAK EnterpriseNASCAR® Car Accessories by PAK Enterprise

Bring the excitement of the racetrack straight to your booth with NASCAR® Car Covers, Hood Covers, and Sun Shades. PAK Enterprise is a national wholesale distributor of officially licensed NASCAR® vehicle covers and accessories, including the only car covers licensed by NASCAR® and Hendrick Motorsports®. The covers are made out of high-quality waterproof material and are printed with the NASCAR driver’s name and number. The hood covers are made of a stretchable spandex material and are a fun conversation piece for car clubs and tailgates, not to mention a distinctive way to customize the look of a car. To start a wholesale account, contact Pak at 845-205–9174.

PAK Enterprises
Tel: 845-205–9174

Ink's Link Skin CareInk’s Link Skin Care from Longview Farms

Longview Farms has 25 years of experience producing 100% natural skin care products. “We have a very special, molecularly distilled emu oil,” says Longview Farms owner Dave Long. “Millions of people use emu oil for pain relief and for skincare,” continues Long. He and his wife have been in the business for over 40 years, and own a state of the art emu oil refinery. Their newest line of products, Ink’s Link, is geared specifically to helping heal the skin after tattoos and piercings. Ink’s Link After Tattoo Skin Care is formulated to remain in the dermis skin layers to soothe stinging and enhance the body’s natural process of healing, resulting in a shorter healing period. “Emu oil is a fatty acid so it’s like nutrition to the skin,” says Long. “Wherever the oil is applied, whether that’s a tattoo, piercing, inflamed joint, dry skin, etc., the oil acts immediately to soothe it.”

Ink’s Link has been very successful as an impulse purchase in almost every retail setting because it’s something from which almost everyone can benefit. “There are so many people walking around with tattoos, piercings, etc., I would guess at least 80% of people who walk by your booth have a need for these products.” Both of the Ink’s Link products have display packs and individual packs available at low wholesale prices, with an estimated 60 percent profit margin.

Upstate ImportUpstate Import is a Christian based company that strongly believes in putting small businesses in a position to compete with larger companies. Their user-friendly and high-quality Bluetooth products are a current top seller for many vendors. Upstate Import’s Bluetooth items include earbuds, headsets and speakers for various occasions.  Their popular speakers come in an open sphere and a cylinder with open ends that are both designed to produce surround sound quality. Upstate Import also sells a Music Fest speaker with extra volume and flashing lights. Headsets are wireless, compatible with many devices, and come in an array of colors. The earbuds are a smaller, more convenient earpiece that offers clear, high-quality sound. In addition to Bluetooth, Upstate Import offers ten other categories of tech products and general merchandise products. For more information call 864-263-9807

Upstate Import
Tel: 864-263-9807

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