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Ink’s Link Skin Care from Longview Farms

December 20, 2016 by mbrophy  
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Ink's Link Skin CareLongview Farms has 25 years of experience producing 100% natural skin care products. “We have a very special, molecularly distilled emu oil,” says Longview Farms owner Dave Long. “Millions of people use emu oil for pain relief and for skincare,” continues Long. He and his wife have been in the business for over 40 years, and own a state of the art emu oil refinery. Their newest line of products, Ink’s Link, is geared specifically to helping heal the skin after tattoos and piercings. Ink’s Link After Tattoo Skin Care is formulated to remain in the dermis skin layers to soothe stinging and enhance the body’s natural process of healing, resulting in a shorter healing period. “Emu oil is a fatty acid so it’s like nutrition to the skin,” says Long. “Wherever the oil is applied, whether that’s a tattoo, piercing, inflamed joint, dry skin, etc., the oil acts immediately to soothe it.”

Ink’s Link has been very successful as an impulse purchase in almost every retail setting because it’s something from which almost everyone can benefit. “There are so many people walking around with tattoos, piercings, etc., I would guess at least 80% of people who walk by your booth have a need for these products.” Both of the Ink’s Link products have display packs and individual packs available at low wholesale prices, with an estimated 60 percent profit margin.

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