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Three Tips for Successful Holiday Sales

November 17, 2016 by mbrophy  
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The holiday season is often the busiest and most profitable time for flea and swap vendors. Preparing for the season can seem like a daunting task. However, you can make the most of the holiday shopping season with just a few simple adjustments. Whether you have a permanent booth or travel to different markets, these tips will help you boost sales this holiday season.

Spice Up Inventory

Whether you make your own products or buy wholesale, if you’re a seasoned flea marketer, you probably have a set of go-to products that consistently sell well. In addition to your staple sellers, incorporate trendy and seasonal merchandise for additional sales.

Emoji Nation: Emojis are everywhere. Novelty items such as key chains and pillows are taking emoji forms. Everyday items like chapstick and coffee mugs are being decorated with the friendly faces. Even consumables like cookies and lollipops are getting emoji shapes and stickers. Emojis make a fun and easy gift item for friends. They also appeal to younger children, which will be key as the holidays draw nearer and more families bring the younger members to markets.

Seasonal Switch:

If you offer home or body care products such as candles, lotions, soaps, etc., incorporate seasonal scents such as pine, vanilla, cranberry and cinnamon. Your regulars will likely purchase some limited-time seasonal options in addition to their regular products. The limited nature of these products will also help attract new customers, and help facilitate impulse purchases.

Hand Crafted:

The new season brings a new set of shoppers. Souvenirs were king for the summer months, but during the gift-giving season, shoppers are looking for unique items. Adding handcrafted, Made in the USA, or fair-trade products will give you an edge over competitors.

Strategic Pricing

The National Retail Federation predicts that holiday spending will rise over three percent from 2015 this coming holiday season. People are going to flea markets to spend, not just browse. Use a bundling pricing strategy to turn a small purchase into a much larger one. The easiest and most straightforward strategy is offering a discount for purchasing multiples of an item. This works especially well for jewelry, scarves, food products, and any situation where you have a larger amount of almost identical items. If one item sells for five dollars, offer three for ten, five for twelve, etc. Holiday shoppers are looking to spend and they’re looking for the best value. Set pricing so that it’s a great value for them, and also a win for you.

Customer Experience

Customer service is always important, but it is especially important during the holiday season. Emotions are high this time of year, which means vendors have to go above and beyond to provide the level of service necessary for a smooth season. It is not uncommon for shoppers to walk away from a booth due to poor service. When this happens, you’re not only losing that particular sale, but also the sales of shoppers who witnessed the interaction, and the sales of their family and friends with whom they share the experience. At the very least, customer service shouldn’t be hurting your business. At its best, great customer service will boost sales and earn word-of-mouth referrals. To ensure a positive experience for all shoppers, make sure your staff is giving their full attention: this means no cell phones or side conversations. Stand up, smile, and try to engage in friendly conversation with shoppers around your booth.

With these simple tweaks, you should have a smooth selling season this winter. From all of us here at The Merchandiser, best of luck and happy holidays!

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