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Top Products for Fall 2016

September 1, 2016 by mbrophy  
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Fall SceneFor many flea market vendors, the end of the outdoor selling season is near. Temperatures are dropping, fair and festival season is gaining momentum, and many of us are planning for holiday sales. As you sell-through the last of your summer merchandise, now is the time to experiment with new products and cold-weather staples. Merchandiser has gathered some of our favorite new and returning fall products. These favorites are affordably priced, eye-catching to consumers, and offer large profit margins. Here are our top products for Fall 2016:

The Soap Guy

The Soap Guy offers top quality handmade soaps in bulk quantities. Owner and founder Jeff Dorrian makes it easy for flea market vendors to offer customized soaps through his private label program. “About eighty percent of our products are private labeled,” Dorrian says. Soaps are available in a variety of scents and formulas, including olive oil, charcoal, goat’s milk, yogurt-based, and sea salt soaps.
Soap Guy Soap Balls

The Soap Guy’s products are sold as either loaves that can be cut to size or individual pre-wrapped bars. “People will go out of their way to purchase and repurchase soap they like and that works for their skin,” Dorrian says. “It will engender relationships you cannot really get any other way. People will be back to your location in a week.”

In addition to soap, The Soap Guy also offers bath bombs, which have been extremely popular. Bath bombs are tennis-sized balls that you drop into a tub and “it fizzes up and releases fragrances and oils that soften the skin.” Also popular for fall, The Soap Guy has handmade body butters. “As the winter approaches, it is going to be very popular as a remedy for dry skin,” Dorrian explains. “We only use the highest quality ingredients. It’s a difference you can feel.”

Other popular products include lotions, bath salts, and milk baths. For more information, visit

The Soap Guy
Tel: (312) 320-5862

Erik & Mike

Erik & Mike is a wholesaler of handmade, fairly traded jewelry and accessory items. Their products are American designed, and made in Bali, Nepal, India, and Indonesia. Their goal is to keep traditional maker techniques alive while infusing them with modern design. Erik Caplan, co-founder of Erik & Mike, was on vacation in Bali in 2001 when he realized he wanted to find a way to live and work there. Extensive retail experience allowed him to create Erik & Mike with the help of Mike Prentice, who he met while on vacation in Bali.

Erik & Mike’s bestselling products include hand beaded jewelry, hand beaded belts, handbags, and coin purses. “These products continue to do well,” says Caplan. “They are the staple products for our business.” For fall, Caplan recommends their Team-Spirit collection. This collection features many of Erik & Mike’s essential products including beaded belts, hoop and circle earrings, beaded strand and ball necklaces, and coin purses in popular team color duos. “They are perfect for supporting high school and college sports teams,” says Caplan. Fall is the ideal time of year for these products because of football season. Caplan recommends that flea marketers pick the colors that match local college, university, or high school teams. With eighteen different color combinations, Erik & Mike has jewelry that will match nearly every team.

As a special promotion for our readers, mention Merchandiser to receive fifty percent off of Erik & Mike’s regular wholesale pricing. In other words, once you register for a wholesale account on their website, you will receive half off of those rates that you see on their site. Just be sure to let them know you were referred by Merchandiser magazine. In order to receive the discount, you must purchase at least twelve pieces per style. “Vendors should feel free to call or email with any questions,” says Caplan.

To register an account, visit

Erik & Mike
Tel: (267) 293-0252


FlexxSonic Pain Relief Therapy is a patent-pending and first-to-market product combining powerful pain relief gel with an FDA listed therapeutic massager. Kam Ghazvini, the co-founder of FlexxSonic, is a pharmacist with over twenty years experience. Ghazvini owned a retail pharmacy and interacted with many customers looking for any innovative product to alleviate pain. Many patients that Ghazvini witnessed were hooked on pain medications ranging form narcotics to over the counter products such as Advil. There are many potential side effects to long-term use of pain medications, including organ damage.

Flexsonic“FlexxSonic has uniquely positioned itself as an over-the-counter topical analgesic product with sonic applicators that provide fast, effective, and long acting pain relief,” explains Ghazvini. The pain relief gel contains capsaicin as the main active ingredient. The gel also contains glucosamine, MSM, and a proprietary natural blend of ginseng, ginkgo biloba, alfalfa, lemongrass, and aloe vera.

“The global pain management market was $35.4 billion in 2012. Total market value is expected to reach $41.5 billion in 2017,” says Ghazvini. For many people, chronic pain can intensify as the temperatures drop. “Over 100 million Americans suffer from pain,” continues Ghazyini. “Almost three out of five flea market shoppers suffer from some sort of pain. FlexxSonic is an innovative and effective pain relief therapy, which has been listed with FDA. The price is very competitive and suitable for flea market shoppers.” For more information, visit

Tel: (866) 280-2406

My Holding Cell

“Miranda is a teacher and married mother of two wonderful boys. The story of her invention, the Holding Cell, began six months ago when she ended up breaking her foot and ankle, and put on bed rest for five weeks,” explains Brock Kuchynka of Breakout Products, LLC. “She constantly needed help finding her cell phone that had fallen out of reach and getting her charging cord picked up off the floor. It was at that moment she realized why doesn’t someone invent something to keep your phone or baby monitor close by and convenient while holding the charging cord off the floor?”

My Holding CellA few months later, the Holding Cell was born. The cell phone holder can be adjusted for any type of smartphone and attaches to any bed, wall, bunk bed, cabinet, or flat surface. The Holding Cell has a built-in cord holder so the cord never falls to the floor. The product can also be used to hold baby monitors.

“This product has done very well in several categories,” continues Kuchynka. “Most notably teen, college, back to school, new moms, kids safety, motorhomes, gifts, handicap and limited mobility.”

According to Kuchynka, the Holding Cell is a great demonstration product, and can generate a lot of buzz at flea booths. This item is perfect for fall sales as many students are returning to college, and people spending more time indoors in the colder months.

Wholesale prices are $9 each with a recommended retail of $19.99. There are no order minimums. Products can ship same-day through the buyers preferred carrier. For more information, visit

My Holding Cell
Tel: (800) 625-7125


Where metal meets art! I-Spin is a collection of high quality, fantastical and beautiful 100% stainless steel wind spinners. Designed in the USA, these artful creations are fast-sellers and appeal to a large variety of shoppers. If you’re a retailer who stocks home décor, gifts, or one of a kind impulse items, I-Spin’s line of wind spinners are sure to be a best-seller for your kiosk or booth.

Popular with everyone from avid gardeners to bird-watchers, to teachers, new parents, and professionals in both interior décor and outdoor landscaping, the versatile wind spinners offer a splash of beauty in motion that cannot be replicated in any other product.

The precision laser-cut designs are crafted out of 100% stainless steel with multiple layers of powder coating which ensure each spinner is fully rust-proof. Unlike other products on the market that may rust or fail in rough weather, I-Spin prides themselves on their product’s durability and long-lasting beauty. The spinners are all weather resistant, eye-catching, and come in a wide array of sizes, designs and I-Spin stainless steel wind spinnercolors. In business for over 10 years, I-Spin ensures each new design is thoroughly tested and constructed to last for many years.

The spinners are packaged as flat pieces that are easily opened and unfolded to showcase their mesmerizing colors and lines and make beautiful in-store displays. Custom designs are also available upon request; the company designers are happy to work with new ideas from their clients.

Striking designs include 3D water droplets in single or spectacular multi-color versions, octagons, Star of David, classic yin & yang symbols, hummingbird, dolphin and butterfly cut-outs, and a large range of peaceful abstract designs.

Accessories for the spinners are also available, including hooks and swivels to hang or mount the spinners, as well as discrete battery-powered and electric powered motors to keep the spinners in constant motion.

For additional information, questions and any other inquiries, or to see the full line of spinners and a selection of product videos, visit

3318 Industry Drive, Signal Hill CA 90755
Tel: (844) 744-6774

Ramson’s Imports

The Chabria family, owners of Ramson’s Imports, are that rare family that both works and plays together, and makes it all come together in a powerful and successful way. Running the company are Mahesh Chabria, his wife Rakhee, together with Mahesh’s parents, Manu and Nita, who established the Columbus, Ohio, business back in 1971 and are still very active in it. The Chabria’s got their start by selling their wares at carnivals and flea markets and as such are experts at helping vendors choose products they know will sell well at their booth or stall. Now a major wholesale supplier, Ramson’s offers over 20 different licensed product lines—a “one-stop shop” for licensed products and the entire team is ready and willing to offer advice to their market vendor clients. “It’s that kind of industry,” Mahesh Chabria says. “You get to know people over 20 or 30 years. You learn all about them and get to know what they need. And then you go to these events and see your customers, or exhibit next to your competitors, people you have known over all that time.”

Marines Licensed Mug sold by Ramson's ImportsSince Nita and Manu started as small independent retailers themselves, they also have a genuine appreciation for their independent swap meet and flea market customers. The company offers hundreds of great products, all of which can bee seen on their website in their 152-page catalog. Packed with merchandise ideas ranging from metal signs to money clips, playing cards to patches, leather products to lighters, you will find licensed products including Betty Boop, Budweiser, John Deere, many different sports franchises, military and collegiate products and Route 66 memorabilia, to name just a few.

Ramson’s truly is a one-stop shop for the general merchandise buyer. Most products are available with discounts for quantity purchases; some can be purchased individually. There is a $150 minimum order, and their wholesale pricing is competitive, with products offering a keystone or higher markup for retailers. For more information, please visit

Ramson’s Imports
5159 Sinclair Road, Columbus Ohio 43229
Tel: (800) 669-0874
Web site:

USA Michigan Wholesale

Based out of Wisconsin, Michigan, USA Michigan Wholesale is an apparel and general merchandise supplier. They are the largest wholesale outlet supplier in the Midwest and offer a large range of best-selling apparel, hats, jewelry, socks, sunglasses, purses, headbands, hair ties, legwarmers, and more. Cecily Shi of USA Michigan explains that their inventory lines “depend entirely on what our customers are looking for. We work with a lot of different kinds of vendors, so it is really a case of supply and demand.”

One of USA Michigan’s trendiest and top-selling products this year are their handmade Nepal hobo bags. Each bag is uniquely made, as the distinctive and stylish fabric varies in pattern to ensure that no one bag is exactly the same as another. Patterns include tie-dye, peace signs, butterflies, cats, Rasta themes, lotus flowers, owls, patch pockets, and more. Hobo bags, sling bags, and backpacks are all available. All styles are in stock and ready to order. Bulk discounts are available for retailers who order one hundred or more pieces.

For the upcoming change-of-season fall selling, USA Michigan is a market vendor’s go-to source for warm and fuzzy accessories. Among their best-selling items are their range of cozy boot toppers and leg warmers. These knitted lace and lace-trim accessories are available in a variety of lengths and warm fall colors. In 2015, the leg warmers and boot toppers “were one of our strongest categories,” says Shi. USAUSA Michigan leg warmer Michigan also carries infinity scarves, knit hats, and leggings.

Also among market-shopper favorites are trendy retro-styled ponchos. Ponchos are a fall staple that have once again jumped back into popularity over the past several years. Shi notes that they have been doing particularly well recently, and look to continue into the 2016 fall and winter seasons. Poncho prices range from $54 – $180 per dozen depending on style and manufacturer. Styles include pullover animal themes, Aztec prints, fuzzy wrap ponchos, stripes, and floral.

USA Michigan has a $100 order minimum. Shipping charges are calculated based on individual orders and customers have the option of being called with specific shipping information before the order is placed. Orders can be placed through their website or over the phone. For more information, visit

USA Michigan Wholesale
2841 S. Division Ave., Wyoming MI 49548
Tel: (616) 452-6860

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