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What Do Flea Market Shoppers Want?

June 22, 2016 by mbrophy  
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woman shopping at flea marketFlea market shoppers come looking for a bargain. But there has got to be more to it than that. With chain stores and independent retailers offering competitive pricing, and the diverse range of products available online – what is it that flea market shoppers really want?

Merchandiser’s annual survey shows the most popular flea market products remain novelty items, jewelry, apparel, electronics, scented products, and arts and crafts. This data tells us that customers are looking for unique goods and a fun atmosphere. Flea market visitors are looking for an experience. Shoppers at brick and mortar and online retailers are often on a mission. They know what they want and the price they’re expecting. They want to purchase the item as hassle free as possible and move on to their next errand. Flea marketers have a completely different attitude. Markets are a destination. Shoppers dedicate an entire day or afternoon to exploring the booths. Interactive displays and unexpected products keep visitors engaged and coming back week after week.

Inviting Display

You have the products shoppers want. Now, you need to showcase your products in a way that is eye-catching and appealing to shoppers walking by. If you are selling jewelry or accessories, consider investing in a few mannequins that can showcase your products. Customers will be able to see your products from further away and will be drawn to your booth. Instead of waiting for them to walk by and notice, be proactive in the display.

Always check your specific market’s regulations, but if you sell any type of scented products such as candles or incense diffusers, have a few lit and set up towards the front of your booth so the scent will invite customers to come take a closer look. If you sell lotion, bath salts, or any other type of scented product that the customers can’t experience completely at your booth, consider giving away small samples. Samples might not translate to an immediate purchase, but if you vend at a weekly market, that is a great way to build your reputation and create repeat shoppers.

Create or purchase inexpensive signage for the front of your booth. Though simple, this display piece can be often overlooked. Bright colors and clear bold lettering will help communicate your products, company name, and any promotions. It is important to pay attention to the details and take time each day to set up your booth. Taking pride in the presentation of your merchandise will communicate to customers that you have valuable products. Instead of waiting for customers to approach you, create an atmosphere that draws them in.

Interactive Products

Once customers approach your inviting display make sure they spend some time with your products. With jewelry and accessories, have plenty of mirrors available so they can test different pieces. Depending on the type of jewelry you sell, consider incorporating a make-your-own station for shoppers with various beads, pendants, etc. that they can string onto bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. If you offer more costume themed jewelry and accessories, consider having a photo booth section. A simple backdrop and cardboard frame is all you would need. You could either text the image to customers, post on Instagram with a designated hash-tag, or invest in a Polaroid camera to give customers a copy on the spot. Weather you’re selling health and beauty or electronic merchandise, have testers available so shoppers can touch, feel, and try your products. Incorporating a fun or interactive element to your booth will keep shoppers of all ages engaged and spending more time at your shop.

Keep it Fresh

Many flea market shoppers are regulars at their preferred market. While having some consistency will help build your reputation, you have to update the products and display enough to keep weekly shoppers interested. Crafts, photo booths, and samples are fun, but usually only once or twice. Switch around your display every few weeks to ensure it’s not being looked over.

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