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CTS Sunglasses

June 23, 2016 by mbrophy  
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CTS USA sunglassesIn addition to Americana, sunglasses are another traditional summer staple. Though they certainly can be name-dropped and customized for specific tourist destinations, sunglasses are profitable seasonal impulse purchases all on their own. Most people own several pairs and won’t hesitate to pick up another if they need them in the moment, or find a new style that appeals to them. CTS Wholesale has been a leading supplier of wholesale sunglasses, displays, and accessories for over twenty-five years. Many of their customers vend at fleas, fairs, concerts, sporting events, and festivals. Kirk Bachelder of CTS says, “While quality over price is definitely important, it’s also important to have a variety of styles. Don’t get too heavy handed with a certain style to start.” Every market will have a slightly different demographic and every individual will have slightly different tastes. “Having a broad selection makes a difference so you have something for everyone,” says Bachelder. “Everyone has different styles, and everyone has a different face shape. Some styles fit different face shapes better than others.”

Make sure to have plenty of mirrors readily available so customers are invited to try on the glasses and interact with your booth. An inviting and colorful sunglass display is an easy way to boost booth traffic during the summer months.

CTS Wholesale offers a variety of best-selling glasses, and have recently added new color selections to their top selling styles. The popular California Classic style is now available in matte black, turquoise, hot pink, and several multicolor varieties. Popular Aviator styles are available in many colors, as well as sports and children’s’ glasses. All sunglasses are sold by the dozen and there is no minimum for orders. With prices starting at $8 for a pack of twelve, adding sunglasses to your booth is an easy investment.

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