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iDrink: Carbonation Systems for Every Occasion

May 19, 2016 by mbrophy  
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by Meaghan Brophy

iDrinkDouglas Wang founded iDrink in August of 2014 when he partnered with a larger overseas manufacturer who had been in the soda maker business for over 16 years. “We realized that in the home carbonation category there was not a lot of competition and not enough quality products to address consumers’ needs,” explains Wang. “From that realization I took the responsibility of starting iDrink, and promoting iSoda and Drinkmate products.”


The original iSoda is a countertop home carbonation model. It takes water and the user’s syrup of choice, and blends them together creating a carbonated beverage. “My favorite is the pink grapefruit,” says Wang. “We have done several blind taste tests, and everyone always loves the pink grapefruit syrup.”

The iSoda has a streamlined, 1-click design and a special CO2 nozzle for smooth and thorough carbonation. The carbonation tanks are reusable and exchangeable. The iSoda is compatible with most standard 14.5oz or 60L tanks.

The suggested retail price is $78. iDrink is currently offering a blowout sale on iSoda: contact their sales department for specific details. Tiered pricing is also available for large orders, with prices as low as $11 per unit without the CO2 tank. In stock color options include metallic red, white, burgundy, and black.

iSoda Mini

iDrinkThe iSoda Mini is the same concept as iSoda, just in a more portable, flexible format. The Mini offers single use carbonation chargers, and unlike the standard iSoda, can be used on any beverage: water, juice, sports drinks, wine, and cocktails. The Mini is a popular option for picnics, outdoor events, or a home bar. “The lower price and portability make this model the most popular option,” says Wang. The iSoda Mini was also featured on NBC Today Show as one of the top 10 Most Innovative Kitchenware Products in 2015.

The suggested retail price for the Mini is around $40. Wang is also having a blowout sale for the iSoda Mini, with prices as low as $9 each for orders placed by the pallet. Each Mini is 15″ in height and 3.25″ in diameter, and comes with one 1L BPA-free bottle and cap, and a 6-pack of chargers that each carbonates one 1L drink. There are seven color options available.


iDrinkThe Drinkmate is iDrink’s newest home carbonation product. The unique patented feature allows users to directly carbonate any drink. “It’s the first of its kind to carbonate any cold beverage,” explains Wang. “It was featured in Everyday Rachel Ray magazine and Dr. Oz.”

Drinkmate also earned an 8/10 review from Wired magazine and was selected as the editor’s top choice for a home carbonation system.

Drinkmate also has a partnership with a company that produces beer concentrate. This new development allows Drinkmate owners to create homemade craft beer using water, the beer concentrate, and their Drinkmate. Like the Mini, the Drinkmate can be used to carbonate almost any beverage including water, juice, iced tea, punch, sports drinks, wine, and cocktails.

Drinkmate is a countertop model, and is compatible with competitor brand’s CO2 chargers. Suggested retail pricing is $119.

iDrink Products
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