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NFMA Annual Conference Celebrates Another Successful Year

April 19, 2016 by mbrophy  
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by Meaghan Brophy

NFMA“Everyone had a really positive feeling at this year’s conference,” says National Flea Market Associations new president Ben Campen. Campen was inducted into his new position at the annual NFMA conference, which was held February 9th – 11th, 2016 at the New York New York Hotel and Conference Center in Las Vegas, NV. Rob Sieben is the current vice president and the outgoing president of the NFMA. “He’s done a great job over the past two years,” says Campen. “The association is in a great state now, the industry has seen a big uptick, and Rob has really put us in a great position. He’s been a great steward of the industry.”

During his term, Campen plans to “continue to promote and protect the industry through our federal legislative program, bring new sponsors, and get more businesses involved,” says Campen. The objectives of the NFMA are to foster high standards business conduct, create public trust in the industry, sustain a friendly and cooperative relationship among the flea market industry, and serve as an advocate of the industry to the public and government, particularly with federal and state legislation. “That’s a huge benefit that you get from being a member of the association,” says Campen.  “Constant updates and knowing that there’s someone out here fighting for you.”

The annual NFMA conference provides a unique opportunity for flea marketers from all over the country to come together for networking, speakers, and industry updates. “People always enjoy the networking that they get to do with other markets,” explains Campen. “Markets from all over the country can discuss with other market owners what works for them and strategies. You can learn a lot by attending the conference. I’m just meeting some people experienced in the industry who are willing to share their knowledge, and I’ve been in the industry my whole life.”

There were several presentations from sponsors and industry experts. “We had a presentation by Allan Hughes, he is retiring from Traders Village,” says Campen. “He had been there since the beginning of the operation. We got some insight from him and he shared his experiences. The presentation was educational and entertaining. We also had our federal and state legislative updates, several presentations on increased revenue streams and channels to explore to increase sales, and presentations on social media.”

Next year, the conference will also be held in February and in Las Vegas. The exact dates and venue are to be determined. Overall, “it’s been a pleasure working with everyone in the organization,” says Campen. “People involved in the industry and who care about it put in all the hard work for the conference. A lot of times other people don’t realize that.” To learn more about the NFMA and their annual conference, visit

National Flea Market Association
P.O. Box 436
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