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Liquidation with Transparency

January 29, 2016 by mbrophy  
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by Meaghan Brophy

Bulq.comBULQ was founded in 2015 by parent company Optoro, who partners with major retailers to handle their excess and return inventory. Optoro works to reduce waste and carbon emissions in the reverse supply chain by finding the most straightforward and cost-effective option for retailers in handling their extra merchandise. In many cases, the best option for national retailers is to liquidate those products. From this demand, Optoro created BULQ, which takes overstock and return products, and resells them to wholesalers, including thrift stores, flea markets, parts harvesters and mom and pop resellers, at a major discount.  BULQ’s overarching mission is to make the liquidation industry more honest, transparent, and reliable.  Nicole Tabatabai, Director of Digital Marketing for Optoro, says that “simply put, BULQ helps you source smarter and sell better.”

On BULQ.com, liquidation goods are sold in pallets. Each pallet is sorted by type of merchandise and by condition. Tabatabai explains, “We sell brand new, like new, uninspected returns, scratch & dent, and salvage goods by the pallet.  BULQ also sells merchandise in six categories: home & garden, consumer electronics, computers & office, apparel & accessories, toys & baby and general merchandise.” Each pallet has its own guaranteed manifest including the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for each item. This detailed itemization allows buyers to determine the profitability of each pallet before purchasing.

Breaking up merchandise into condition categories allows for BULQ to be a reliable supplier for a variety of resellers. “For example, brand new items sell well on Amazon,” says Tabatabai, “so Amazon sellers can shop with confidence on BULQ from brand new condition pallets. Conversely, EBay sellers may have more success with conditions likes scratch & dent or salvage. And flea market sellers tend to do well across a variety of conditions.” Unlike many suppliers, BULQ does not have a gated site, meaning anyone can browse their pallet selections. A basic login is required to check out.  BULQ ships to both residential and commercial addresses. Resale certificates are only required for orders shipping to a select few states. This level of accessibility and transparency makes BULQ an ideal supplier for flea market vendors of all sizes.

Bulq.comAlthough the BULQ site launched just in October this past year, it has already gained the trust and repeat business of many smaller resellers. “BULQ has given me the opportunity to easily find wholesale lots, creating a consistent flow of merchandise that brings excellent return on investment.  They have allowed me to effectively maintain a stream of products so that I can spend more time processing the higher quantity of items and less time spent scouting for new items.  The profit margins are excellent and, unlike other liquidators, I know just what I am getting… I look forward to continuing a business relationship with BULQ as they help to grow my business,” says Max E., a small business owner from Tucson, AZ.

BULQ has three clear value propositions: guaranteed manifests, hassle-free shipping, and dedicated support. Each pallet has an itemized manifest with MSRP so buyers can know exactly what to expect in each pallet. “We guarantee 98% accuracy in the manifest,” says Tabatabai, “If the pallet falls below that, we will refund the difference.” Their guarantee is for both condition of the items and the composition of the pallet. BULQ also offers flat rate shipping for all orders. Shipping is $150 per pallet and they ship anywhere within the continental United States. Orders ship within 1-2 business days and arrive 4-7 business days once shipped. BULQ has a customer service team available seven days a week, including weekday evenings, and a sales team that can assist with large orders. “A lot of competitors are unclear about what to expect when you buy from them,” explains Tabatabai, “BULQ is bringing new transparency to the wholesale industry. Through our easily downloadable guaranteed manifests, buyers are able to see exactly what is in each shipment and easily determine profitability. This level of data is unprecedented in the market.” For more information, and to view available pallets, visit www.BULQ.com.

Tel.: 1-844-311-BULQ
Website: www.BULQ.com
ASD Booth #: SU2866

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