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Hand-Painted Egyptian Art

December 4, 2015 by publisher  
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Sun Devil Service and SupplyArt is always a popular product at flea markets and swap meets because customers find one-of-a-kind pieces at affordable prices. If you are looking to sell a piece of modernized history, then consider selling hand-painted framed Egyptian artwork crafted on papyrus from Sun Devil Service & Supply. These pieces are hand-crafted on genuine papyrus. Their product line goes beyond your typical art and instead highlights moments of history in the form of hieroglyphs. The hieroglyphs tell stories depicting battles as well as the lives of ancient Pharaohs. James Szalapski, Owner, explains, “these pieces are unique. It is not something you can find in any store. This way customers are getting a piece of history.” The artwork start at $12 wholesale and can retail for $30 and higher. There is a minimum order requirement of 12 pieces and a turn key display is also available for housing 24 frames. To see the artwork available for purchase, visit

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