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Celebrate Mexican Culture at Trader’s Village

September 16, 2015 by publisher  
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by IvyLee Rosario

Trader's VillageFilled with traditional music, decorative skulls and skeletons, and Mexican cuisine, Trader’s Village’s Dia De Los Muertos event on November 1 is sure to be a hit. With a plethora of events held throughout the year, the Houston location is now hosting the function and has high hopes for its success. “With this being a first time occurrence at this market, we want to plant our seeds and grow the event,” said Carl Foy, Marketing Manager. “We want it to be recognizable and eventually turn into a annual event that everyone can look forward to.” The gathering will run from noon to 5:30pm and will feature a costume contest, parade, a build your own Dia de Los Muertos altar and a kid’s zone with face painting and fun activities.

The event idea came from the San Antonio market, which has done the celebration a few times already. “We had a brainstorming session to talk about something that Houston could do to change things up, but we also wanted it to be something people would recognize,” said Foy. “This is a great way for our visitors to have some free family fun and experience something new.”

For more information on the Dia De Los Muertos event, call 281-890-5500 or visit

Trader’s Village
Address 7979 North Eldridge Rd
Houston, TX 77041
Tel. 281-890-5500

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