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Get a Flea Market Franchise to Boost Income

July 2, 2015 by publisher  
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By IvyLee Rosario

Sperry MarketingAs a vendor, selling merchandise can be difficult if you are facing off against competitors with similar products. In order to make a profit, your merchandise has to seem different and offer more than the person next to you. If looking to ensure you are a one of a kind merchant, then franchising with Sperry Marketing Group, Inc. is the way to grow your business. With an easy step-by-step process, Sperry will have you up and running quickly making sales with their unique items. “We are offering a free franchise on a nationwide basis,” said Steve Perry, owner of Sperry Marketing Group, Inc. “We saw that so many of our customers were doing extremely well with our products, so we thought why not take the program nationally to flea markets and find more customers to turn into a source of good business.”

In order to get started in franchising, there are a few steps vendors need to know of before partnering with Sperry Marketing. First, they should email the company with the location where they are looking to franchise. If available, then Sperry will send the vendor information on how to get started with selling their products. Once confirmed for that area, vendors should know that each franchise covers a 75-mile radius, guaranteeing that no other merchant around will be selling these items. “It is great because people will not be able to find these products anywhere else. Vendors do not have to worry about competing with other stores or vendors because they are the only ones with the merchandise in that area,” said Perry.  In addition to being the only vendor with these products, Sperry also offers a trial startup to demonstrate the rewards of franchising while eliminating all the risks.  “Because there is no risk factor, it’s a great opportunity for vendors to explore a means to increase their income without increasing their workload.”

With products such as the stretch to fit table covers, fun glasses, flashers, trading cards and instant game tables, there is a variety of merchandise available to choose what would sell best for your audience. “These products are the brainchild of our company,” said Perry. “We have never had to take ideas from anyone else, and to be in business for almost 30 years I believe speaks to our quality and commitment itself.” In addition to becoming the only vendor with access to these goods, Sperry also offers its franchisees full use of their product websites in order to help promote their business on the web and increase traffic to their market. The company has helped numerous clients with their business growth and will continue to do so throughout the United States. “I’ve seen a vast network of these franchises and although it may take some time, maybe even a number of years, it would be great to get to that point and have a great level of achievement for our company.”

If looking to partner up with Sperry, all they ask for is a little enthusiasm and a basic knowledge of Internet communication. Sperry wants to do all ordering and customer contact online, said Perry, as that makes it easier to place orders, keep in contact instead of playing phone tag, and will help vendors grow and expand using the interface provided by Sperry. Minimums are very low, with one case pack ranging in average price from $20 to the most expensive being $84. “These are high profit products for the home and family that sell extremely well year after year and are very practical and unique.”  For more information on how to start your own flea market franchise as a vendor, visit www.ttopdr.com, www.tabletoprx.com, or simply email sperrymkt@aol.com with your current location to check availability.

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