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Big Selling Products for Summer 2015

June 2, 2015 by publisher  
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by IvyLee Rosario

Magnet AmericaIn preparation for the summer and fall flea market season, it is important that vendors keep an eye out for those unique and popular items that their customers are going to love. These are products that can be used not only everyday, but can add value to the customers life AND will make them want to tell everyone they know where they discovered them. From apparel pieces to home décor, here are some of the must have items for summer selling:

SD Glass and Bottle Works Recycled Glassware: If you have customers that are big into DIY products, then the items from SD Glass and Bottle Works will be perfect. This company works with local restaurants and institutions around the San Diego area to up cycle their waste into beautiful and unique products such as vases, tumblers, candleholders, glasses, bowls, dinnerware, and even lighting. They collect and recycle over 97% of their glass waste, which is more than three times the national average. To start selling these one of a kind pieces, visit www.sdbottleworks.com for more details. Every purchase goes towards funding for go-green recycling programs, so not only will customers have unique pieces of art in their homes, but they will also be lending a hand to the environment.

Sing Your Name Now Co.’s Personalized Toys: For all the parents visiting the flea market this summer, these products are sure to be a hit for the children. From plush animals and story book CD’s to clocks and music, any product from Sing Your Name Now Co.’s line will get the kids excited to have their own personalized toy. These items will not only spark the child’s imagination, but will also keep them involved by hearing their name as part of a song, all while learning their ABC’s, 123′s  with each story. “The kids go crazy over it, and this is anywhere from newborn to eight year olds,” said John Kitler, master distributor. “You are giving these kids something they do not know exists.” These are sure to be keepsakes for years to come, and will always be remembered as a learning tool and sentimental item for the child. Check out www.singyournamenow.com to see what products are offered, as well as information on how to start selling. The company also guarantees territory rights when selling these products to vendors, so there is no need to worry about competitors in your area.

CTS Wholesale’s Selfie Sticks: For the must have item of 2015, go to CTS Wholesale to get your hands on the ever popular selfie stick. Perfect for everything from vacation shots to group pictures, the selfie stick is in high demand, especially for the summer season. With no Bluetooth or batteries needed, just plug in a phone and shoot. Your customers will never have to worry about not fitting into frame or cutting off a piece of a historic landmark. With the selfie stick they will get the perfect shot every time. Visit www.ctswholesalesunglasses.com/selfie-sticks/ to stock up on this hot product. With color options of blue and green and more to come, your customers can choose the perfect selfie stick for themselves. The product sells for $6 wholesale, with a retail price of $19.95.

Weisenbach Recycled Products: Recycling products takes imagination and dedication, both of which can be found at Weisenbach’s. From bags, buttons, and containers, to drinkware, hand fans, and office supplies, this company has it all. These items can be made from recycled plastic, recycled paper, recycled tire rubber and recycled glass; plus printing with soy inks on recycled paper. Going green has never been easier, as you can get an array of products to sell right under one roof. Visit www.weisenbach.com for more information on their recycled products and appealing price points.

HarborsideHarborside Trading’s Spin Mop: Cleaning products are always a necessity for consumers, which is why you should be selling the most functional and easy to use mop around: the spin mop. Harborside Trading prides itself on their quality goods, and this is definitely one of them. This spin mop has a longer handle, so it is easy to use by anyone, and your customers will no longer have to worry about struggling or back pain from bending over because their mop handle is too short. The Spin Mop also has a larger bucket than most others, so buyers can clean better and more efficiently. The first shipment of the new Spin Mop will be available in mid-June, and Harborside is excited to share its product. “Another great selling point for this item is that it comes with free mop heads for life,” said Dax Tacey, owner, “so customers can rely on this mop for years to come.” For more information on the Spin Mop and how to start selling, visit www.harborsidetrading.com.

DRL Wholesale’s 3D Pictures: From puppies and wolves to kittens and tigers, these 3D pictures are sure to be a conversation piece in the homes of your customers. DRL sells two different types of lenticular pictures – the single image, where the eyes, mouth or head of the subject move, and the triple image, in which there are three distinct images in the picture, and one experiences a different view from every angle. “They are our biggest and most consistent seller,” said Carolyn Berens, office manager. “We have between 120 and 150 designs to choose from at any given time, from fantasy and gaming all the way to wildlife.” The 3D pictures sell wholesale at $5 for the single and $5.75 for the triple image. For more information visit www.drlwholesales.com. The pictures sell at a suggested retail value between $15 and $20 each depending on the design and are ready for hanging upon purchase.

Michelle and Scott’s No Slip Sport Headbands: Summer is viewed as the perfect time to go out and start exercising, but for women who do, sweat bands can be seen as getting in the way and not working correctly at keeping hair off their faces. If you want to make this easier on your customers, sell these no slip sports headbands. With availability in a variety of colors and patterns, these headbands will show off the wearers’ personality, all while making it easy to be active. “The idea came from when I bought a pack of sweat bands, but it cost around $20 or $30 just for one,” said Lauren Bechel, executive assistant. “I thought how about we make a similar product, but with better quality and more options.” If interested in selling the no slip headbands visit www.wholesaleimport.com for more details. Prices range between $5 and $7 per dozen depending on color and design.

Eason EyewearEyewear from Eason Eyewear: New to the market this year, Eason Eyewear is already booming in their industry. When thinking of the most important products needed for summer, one major item comes to mind: sunglasses. Eason offers the newest styles and colors AND the best prices, since they manufacture in China, said Albert Ye, owner. They have no minimum order requirement, so you can buy as much or as little as you need for your business and gauge sales from there. In addition to the must-have sunglasses, Eason Eyewear also has plans to include reading glasses in their line. Visit www.easoneyewear.com to take a look at the product choices. From men, women and children’s styles to sports, metal and plastic sunglasses, Eason has it all.

Magnets from Magnet America International: Magnets will always be a hot selling item, whether it is for tourists visiting a new spot, or showing support for a special cause. Magnet America can sell you the right display for your business with a variety of different designs and themes that will be sure to sell with any of your customers. They offer military decals, pets, sports, humor, holidays and more to perfectly customize what you want to sell in your specific area. “We have over one thousand different products and we run a special each month,” said Paul Parker, owner. “We are entirely made in the USA as well, so we always have a quick turnaround time and are never out of stock.” This company is the originator of the “Support Our Troops” yellow ribbon magnet, so you know they are the real deal in their industry. They offer counter displays ranging from 432 magnets for $699, 240 magnets for $399, or 144 pieces for $199. For a look at what magnets are offered visit www.magnetamerica.com. If you are looking for something specific, Magnet America also takes requests and will find and purchase the proper art in order to make the items you wish to sell.

SD Glass and Bottle Works
4275 Mission Bay Dr Ste D
San Diego, CA 92109
Tel. 619-345-5443
Website: www.sdbottleworks.com

Sing Your Name Now Co.
304 Stayman Dr
Berryville, VA 22611
Tel. 540-327-1759
Website: www.singyournamenow.com

CTS Wholesale
3525 Brady CT NE
Salem, OR 97301
Tel. 503-364-3486
Website: www.ctswholesalesunglasses.com

Weisenbach Recycled Products
437 Holtzman Ave Columbus, OH 43205
Tel. 614-251-8585
Website: www.weisenbach.com

Harborside Trading
Tel. 321-305-1263
Website: www.harborsidetrading.com

DRL Wholesale
4627 Illinois Ave
Louisville, KY 40213
Phone #: 502-458-7768
Website: www.drlwholesales.com

Michelle and Scott’s Wholesale Imports
495 Summer Ave
Memphis, TN 38122
Tel. 901-767-0838
Website: www.wholesaleimport.com

Eason Eyewear
5201 Flushing Ave Unit 102
Maspeth, NY 11378
Tel. 718-628-8882
Website: www.easoneyewear.com

Magnet America International
512 Newsome Rd
King, NC 27021
Tel. 336-985-0320
Website: www.magnetamerica.com

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