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Asia America Recap and Show Addition

June 5, 2015 by publisher  
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by IvyLee Rosario

Miami WholesaleThe Asia America Trade Show continues to grow exponentially. With six successful years under their belt and then the add on of the Miami Wholesale Show two years ago, Michael Finocchiaro, President, says they plan on expanding even more. “We have something interesting coming up; we had a few requests to open up the first Miami Apparel Wholesale Show, which will be our third signature show. We are going to try and do it for September of this year, but if not we will try for 2016. We have a lot of apparel companies already asking for information about the show because we have established buyers, so it is going to be quite exciting for us.”

The attendees for all shows are increasing with each event, with the Miami Wholesale Show recently bringing in approximately 4,000 buyers from 20 different countries. The new slogan is “We Are Miami,” which encompasses Asia America’s experience in promoting trade shows in many different industries over the last 35 years. “We will be setting new attendance records over the next few years. We invite wholesalers and distributors to come experience our shows,” said Finocchiaro. “We have got big names that have been with us over the last six years developing the market, and now they have established a large foot-hold. As a result, they have acquired many new accounts.”

Miami WholesaleAsia America has expanded the show. They are now bringing in suppliers from China, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangladesh and several other countries to open up the market. The Miami show is for U.S. representatives and wholesalers, while the Asia America show is international, bringing in a whole range of suppliers. “The market itself is growing at approximately 9% in the Caribbean/Latin American area, which presents perfect moment for reps and manufacturers to open up their market,” said Finocchiaro. “South Florida is a major hub to all of these countries, and brings in all kinds of distributors, wholesalers, importers, and retailers of hundreds of different kind of products.”

Finocchiaro expects to be getting around 300 plus exhibitors over the next three months and says they invite everyone to attend. “We are doing the market as ASD does the U.S. market, we are just adding international. We have the same type of exhibitors.” Pre-registration for the shows can be found online starting in June. Be sure to check out the next shows, with the Asia America Trade Show taking place from September 27-29, 2015 and the Miami Wholesale Show next year from May 25-27, 2016. For more information on either of these visit

Asia America Trade Show
Address: 3438 SW 24th Terrace
Miami FL 33145
Tel. 305-266-5700

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