Friday, December 14, 2018

Paradise Flea Market

137 11th Street SW
Vero Beach, FL 32962
Phone: 772-778-0001
Manager/Owner: Dolores Lewin


Vero Beach’s only indoor market. Out door spaces also available. Market hours are Thursday – Saturday, 7am-7pm, Sunday 9am – 5pm. Daily, weekly, and monthly vendors space rentals available. Serving Vero everything from fruit to furniture, come and join us.


5 Responses to “Paradise Flea Market”
  1. Elaine says:

    Would like rates for vendor space and requirements as a vendor
    Thank you

  2. autumn says:

    $180- $240 monthly THUR-SUN

  3. Angel Mullinix says:

    Do they have daily rates, or do you have to sign up for all 4 days a week? For instance, are you able to just go up there and pay in the morning for a day or two or do you have to plan it ahead and pay for all four days every week?

  4. Angel Mullinix says:

    Oops sorry didnt read the top :/ I was just wondering what your daily price outside verses inside were. :)

  5. Sonja Kellam says:

    How’s the foot traffic? And what are the requirements to be a vendor!

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