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Bright Accessories: Turning Cellphone Accessories Into an Impulse Buy

August 12, 2014 by publisher  
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Bright AccessoriesThea year 2014 has been dubbed “The Year of the Mobile Wearable,” with hundreds of new and colorful wristbands and smart bands hitting the market. All have one thing in common: They’re neon bright; made of slick, rubbery material; and tons of fun.

Bright Accessories has taken that concept and applied it to accessories for the home and car, for smartphones, iPads, iPods—you name it. The reality is that accessories for most devices are boring. Enter all the colors of the rainbow—fluorescent green, hot pink, sunny yellow, vibrant blue—and all of a sudden, a power bank feels more fun.

“The colors are so unique and eye-catching, it becomes an impulse buy for a 16-year-old girl,” says Bright Accessories president Aziz Mohammad, who got his start back in high school working for one of the largest AT&T dealers. “She might not need it, but she sees a pink charger and all of a sudden, she’s definitely interested.” Mohammad is seeing demand increase every day. “These gadgets have become a part of day-to-day life. No one can live without their phones and music any more.”

Buying details

Bright AccessoriesThe accessories sell for $1.49 each and can retail for anywhere from $4.99 to $7.99, which is a “juicy deal for retailers,” says Mohammad.  A startup display with a variety of 100 accessories costs $150, and then retailers can refill as needed by ordering packages of 10. Among the many products are USB home and car adapters, dual adapters, iPhone 4 and 5 cables, power banks, music cables, and stylus pens.

While his company has been primarily focused on selling through distributors and wholesalers, Mohammed is taking the next step to sell directly to retailers, which will soon be possible through the web site. While convenience stores have been a main market for the accessories, Mohammad also sees them fitting in perfectly at flea markets, in small pharmacies, gift shops, and stores as well.

Right now, vendors can order by phone and soon they will be able to order directly from the web site. The minimum opening order is the single 100-item display. Items ship within 24 hours and there is no shipping cost for purchases of over $100.

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