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How to Find Small Business Success at the Flea Market

July 24, 2014 by publisher  
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By Leo Moss

Leo Moss

As the owner of a retail store in a local mall for the last five years, I thought I was headed in the right direction regarding new business trends. But I soon found out that as a small business owner, the overhead costs can be overwhelming, specifically as it relates to advertising and location.

Visualizing the possibilities

One day, my customers suggested that my products would do well at Smiley’s Flea Market located in Macon, Georgia. I sell custom air fresheners, burning oils, fragrance lamps and body oils. Smiley’s has over 1,000 indoor and outdoor selling spaces at affordable prices. After pondering on this idea, I visited the flea market to visualize exactly what my customers were saying. To my surprise, they were right. For one, the weekend traffic was greater. The market has anywhere between 10,000 and 15,000 people visit on a weekend. And two, I would be able to reach a much wider base of customers from not only the local community, but surrounding counties as well. As I watched the influx of customers and their families who traveled to the flea market to find items of their choice I knew that in order to save my failing retail business at the mall, selling at the flea market was literally a “no brainer.”

The Sweet Smell of Success: How The Flea Market Saved My BusinessThe road to success

Two years ago, I inquired about how to become a flea market vendor and started my road to what I now call “success.” I know many define success in different ways, but as a small business owner staying afloat at two locations defined success for me. I can also say that being a vendor at the flea market also played a major role in the success in my retail store, due to the ongoing demands of my customers beyond the weekend traffic. I was elated at the response from my newfound customer base at the flea market, which allowed us to open our second location. Because of this, my new vision and motto became “they smell and we sell.”  We now have thousands of customers without a working website, which is currently under construction. This is truly a story of the sweet smell of success.

For more information:

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Smiley’s Flea Market – Macon
6717 Hawkinsville Road
Macon, GA 31216
Tel.: 478-788-3700


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  1. patra madden says:

    Hello Leo Moss! I am writing to you because your name is he same as a man in whom I am interested in finding out more information. He lived at least 100 years ago in Macon Georgia. According to newspaper articles published in the 1980s and mention in books published in the 1990s etc, he was a maker of folk art black dolls. He was purported to make dolls around the turn of the 19th C – and to have been born in the 1850s-60s. It is said he was married to a wife named Lee Ann and had a daughter named Mina. There are many people interested in finding out if this man actually lived and if so, whether he was a doll maker – as well as a carpenter which was his main occupation… I would like very much to hear from you whether you have any information on this at all. Thank you so kindly!

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