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Beach Tacs Keep Towels in Place

June 26, 2014 by corrynh  
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Beach Tacs Keep Towels in Place

Most everybody loves beach season—except when it means fighting the wind to keep your towels in place and free of grit. A company called ACME Big Box Marketing, Inc., has finally figured out the perfect solution: BeachTacs.

BeachTacs are stakes that hold a towel firmly in place on the sand without punching holes in the towel. The product’s appeal is its simplicity. As a bonus, each BeachTac set also comes with a built-in cup-holder.

According to Pagona Kubert, vice president of sales, the first orders of BeachTacs were shipped in April 2014, and the product immediately took off. “Our market is anyone who goes to the beach,” Kubert says. The BeachTac has a special locking stack that makes it special. BeachTacs were developed by Larry Freed, currently a partner in the company, almost 20 years ago. After sitting in his garage for all those years, the novel towel-holding system was patented and trademarked and put into production in the United States earlier this year.

Beach Tacs Keep Towels in PlaceEach set of BeachTacs includes four locking stakes. One of the stakes has a built-in cup-holder that can accommodate a Solo cup or standard size drink can. The sets are delivered in carrying totes that double as beach totes, with a small protected pocket for keys or miscellaneous items like sunglasses or a wallet. They are available in pink, blue, and yellow. According to Kubert, BeachTacs are perfect for any beachside or surf shop, pagodas on the beach, or convenience and drug stores.

Buying details

BeachTacs can be ordered in case packs of 12 sets. Initial orders include an evenly mixed case of all three colors; subsequent orders are single-color sets per case.

The price for a case is $125, or about $10/unit. The suggested retail price is $19.99 for one set or two for $30. Shipping in the U.S. is free.


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