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Star Cutouts Walking Dead Masks

May 13, 2014 by publisher  
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Star Cutouts Walking Dead MasksIf you see flat masks in the U.K.—from a member of the Royal Family to a character from “Doctor Who”—it is very likely a Star Cutouts product.  The company is now coming to the U.S. with a variety of masks that feature a collection of all the main characters from the popular “Walking Dead” series on AMC, including Daryl, Rick, and Michonne. “That show has gone completely out of this orbit,” says Steve Hoagland, international licensing and sales director for Star Cutouts, and a key person responsible for the U.S. expansion. “It had 15 million viewers in the U.S. at last count, more than double from last year. I have a feeling it is only going up from there, and there’s a spin-off coming.”

Star Cutouts also has various licensing agreements in the works, and as Hoagland puts it, “there will be royals, along with a presidential candidate or two. Politician masks are very popular.” Life-sized cutouts, including stand-in models, are also available in hundreds of designs and characters, ranging from penguins to the Pope.


Star Cutouts Walking Dead MasksHoagland says the masks have two important differentials from the competition: their retail price points are under $5, and they are flat, with holes for the eyes, not the mouth. “Instead of an expensive, over-the head latex mask for $30 or $40, for a few bucks you can try one of these,” he notes. And for kids, there’s no fear or discomfort associated with putting on a mask. “Those three-year-olds who don’t like the plastic shell masks that come with their Halloween costumes might only leave them on for 15 to 20 minutes. But with a flat mask, you can see peripherally out of the side, and it doesn’t seem to bother the little ones.” Hoagland has a real-life reference: his own grandchildren. “When we went out trick-or-treating, they didn’t take their masks off all night.”

Buying details

Star Cutouts’ new masks are just hitting the market, in plenty of time for Halloween delivery. Hoagland expects to have about 150 styles available by Halloween. The company plans to make products available to vendors around May 1, online at, or by calling or emailing directly. Wholesale pricing is 90 cents, while suggested retail ranges from $1.99-$2.99. The products come in master packs of 35 single masks per design, with a minimum order of four master packs. Wholesale prices for the life-sized cutouts range from $15.50-$18.50, and suggested retail is $32.95-$42.95. The minimum order is 12 pieces in any combination.

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