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Scents of Florida: A Story of Quality

May 1, 2014 by publisher  
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Scents of Florida Dwight Kanayet started in the home fragrance industry when he was 18, going door-to-door selling incense. Now he is launching his own company, Scents of Florida, incorporating all he has learned to create the highest-quality scented oils, incense, and candles, along with complementary accessories.

“There are two pillars that are the foundation of what we do: quality and customer service,” he says. “If you provide your customers with the best product quality and the best service—delivering items on time, in good shape, and nicely presented—they will do better and you will grow.”

Kanayet, chief commercial officer, and CEO Juan Domingo Cordero chose the name Scents of Florida for their company not only because it is based there but because Florida is known for its natural surroundings and fresh fruits. But the scents they offer span the globe, from Australian Eucalyptus to Cuban Coconut to Egyptian Musk. There are dozens to choose from, ranging from the playful to the sensual.

100 percent essential oil

Scents of Florida The scented oils are made with 100 percent essential oil. While some companies use various chemicals to dilute the product or add alcohol so it evaporates faster, “Ours is long-lasting and stays stronger longer, with a more pleasant and pure scent,” he says. The oils cost 65 cents per half-ounce unit, with a minimum of 18 units (total cost per box: $11.70) or $1.35 per two-ounce unit with a minimum of 12 units (total cost per box: $16.20). Thirty-two-ounce bottles are also available at a unit price of $32.


Incense is another of the company’s offerings. “Our incense is 100 percent oil-based and we use no alcohol, because that makes it dry out faster. If you use it and then wait a month to use more, it will be as fresh as the when you first bought it,” he says. It also burns longer—an hour and 15 minutes, versus 20 to 30 minutes of most products on the market now.

Bulk incense sticks are sold at $6 per bundle of 300 sticks, with a minimum quantity of one bundle, or pre-packed with 20 sticks per carton, 12 cartons per bundle (79 cents per carton, $9.48 per bundle).

Scented candles

The company’s other product line is scented candles, for which Scents of Florida uses 100 percent fully refined paraffin and 100 percent essential oils. “Most companies use fragrance just on top of the candle, not in the rest of the wax. We use a process to mix the fragrance with the paraffin and color, all at the same time.”

Scents of Florida launched at the Las Vegas ASD Show in March and will also attend the August expo. Right now, Kanayet is concentrating on the final touches for the packaging, which he also thinks will differentiate his product. “It will tell you that inside there is something special. Again, it’s not a matter of launching a product but doing it the right way, so the customer knows you put great care into it.” The web site is expected to launch in May, and will include a wholesale portal.

Scento by Scents of Florida, LLC

9380-9390 NW 100th Street
Medley, FL 33178
Tel: (855) 723-6870 (toll-free)
Fax: (305) 424-7892
Web site: www.scento.us

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