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How to Make An Impact At Your Booth

May 21, 2014 by corrynh  
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How to Make An Impact At Your Booth

When you look at your selling space does it make a strong impression or does it blend in with the rest? Incorporate these six elements into your booth design and customer service and you are sure to attract sales while providing an exceptional experience to potential buyers.


Adding height to your booth not only draws attention but also allows browsing customers to see you from a distance.


Choosing the right colors and patterns can create strong impact that can also communicate what you sell. Revitalize dull selling spaces with paint or wall treatments like wallpaper and decals.


Lighting is one of the most commonly overlooked design elements. However, adding a light is a simple addition to a booth that can brighten up the interior and add bursts of color and sparkle.


Items such as flags and flashing signs entice customers to come to the excitement at your booth.


Make your customers feel like they are at a show. Provide them not only with products to purchase but also give them an experience.


To ensure you make a great and lasting impression that reminds a customer to come back to your booth, be inviting and aim to make a connection with everyone you speak to.

Consider what changes you can afford to make on your booth now and plan for future renovations. The more you can incorporate, the bigger the impact you will make.

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