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Simoniz Launches Vendor Program with Top Selling Products

March 3, 2014 by Gloria Mellinger  
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Simoniz Launches Vendor Program with Top Selling Products

Simoniz, the most widely known brand of car care products, has been serving the industry for 100 years. To date, its products have been top sellers at big box stores, auto stores, and car washes, and the firm is now expanding into the flea market arena.

Detail Car Care Kit

“We are launching a program just for flea market, auto and trade show, swap meet, festival and fair type vendors. We are offering an extensive line of Simoniz products as well as introducing the Simoniz Detail Car Care Kit, an item that is not available in any other market,” states Stephen Firestone, VP. The car care kit contains six items, all conveniently stored in a handy backpack. The kit includes:

  • Instant Shine Hi-Speed Spray Polish: a spray that utilizes a mechanized trigger providing a quick and effective shine to any vehicle with no waxy residue.
  • Brake Dust Buster Wheel Cleaner: a spray gel that clings to wheels and washes off with water, removing tough built-up brake dust from wheels and rims.
  • Soapmitt: a soft mitt with built-in soap.
  • Perma Scents: a four-ounce spray pen air freshener.
  • Nitro Extreme Gloss Tire Shine: a long lasting and durable tire shine product that lasts for up to 30 days.
  • Microfiber towels for drying.

The Simoniz Detail Car Care Kit provides enough product for multiple car cleanings. Each kit wholesales for $24.95 and retails for $49.95. To help vendors sell the product, Simoniz has developed a 5-foot tall shelving unit that has a banner with the highly recognizable Simoniz branding at the top. Vendors are invited to contact the company for information on suggested opening orders and display pricing. “Simoniz has successfully sold a similar car care pack containing fewer products at a comparable price. We expect this new exclusive detail kit to sell very well at all types of markets,” Firestone comments.

Sealtite Tire Sealant

Simoniz Launches Vendor Program with Top Selling ProductsAnother exciting item now available to vendors is Simoniz Sealtite Tire Sealant, a product that prevents flat tires. Previously available only for industrial use, the company is now offering Sealtite for consumer use as well. Vendors can purchase Sealtite in cases of six 32-ounce bottles, and each bottle can service four tires. “It is rated the number one sealant in the world because it is the only sealant with ceramic fibers, which are similar to fiberglass. Once the fibers enter a puncture, they grab onto the rubber and never let go,” Firestone reports. The product instantly and permanently seals tread punctures up to one-half inch in diameter. It is for use with tube and tubeless tires on automobiles, SUVs, trucks, ATVs, dirt bikes, and tractor mowers, and more. The formulation is easy to install and seals instantly.

“Do-it-yourself products appeal to many consumers, and Simoniz is a trusted name in car care products,” Firestone adds. “Sellers are always looking for something to catch a shopper’s eye, and this is it. Vendors stand to profit by carrying the Detail Car Care Kit, Sealtite Tire Sealant, and our many other industry leading products.”

Simoniz Car Products

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