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February 25, 2014 by Gloria Mellinger  
Filed under Supplier Zone Popular Products, Real Deals & Small Lots is an online auction marketplace that gives flea market vendors access to hundreds of top quality products that they might not otherwise be able to purchase. “We work with seven of the top ten U.S. retailers with their surplus and overstock goods, and we have products in more than 500 categories,” states Rob Caskey, VP of Marketing and Direct Sales. The company offers new, used, refurbished, returns, closeouts, and even salvage merchandise. Unlike many other suppliers, allows vendors to buy product in a range of sizes, from the truckload down to the pallet. This flexibility allows them to test inventory without making a large commitment.

Branded products & exclusive relationships gives vendors access to branded merchandise they might not ordinarily get. Popular categories and products include HDTVs, Acer computers, apparel, and iPads. “If vendors wanted to get 100 returned iPads from a big box retailer, they couldn’t do that as a small business. We have relationships with these retailers and make that product available so that they are able to purchase it and resell or repurpose it,” Caskey explains. “Whereas some large sites offer goods manufactured in another country, we have a lot of the same products you would find in the biggest warehouse clubs. We have an exclusive relationship with Acer, for example. In addition, we just entered into a partnership with one of the largest warehouse clubs in the world for their entire northeast product. This includes a variety of apparel, general merchandise, electronics and appliances.”

Most of the auctions start at $100, and are held for three, five, or seven days. The final price is dictated by the competition. “While profit margins can vary with the intensity of the bid battle, vendors can walk away with a real steal,” Caskey notes.

Enhanced registration & cross listings

“If flea market vendors search for a product on and we do not have it, we will present listings from those other marketplaces to enable them to go and bid on those goods.”

Rob Caskey, VP of Marketing and Direct Sales is committed to presenting buyers relevant products with the maximum convenience. To this end, the company has enhanced its registration and boarding processes so that the credentials vendors use on can also be used on its partner marketplaces. “On our various marketplaces, including,, and, we are cross-listing products,” Caskey continues. “If flea market vendors search for a product on and we do not have it, we will present listings from those other marketplaces to enable them to go and bid on those goods.” has four warehouses around the country in Cranbury, NJ; Dallas, TX; Plainfield, IN; and Las Vegas, NV. In many cases, vendors can pick up their purchases so they can get them quickly and will not incur shipping costs. “If you are importing from outside the country, it can be weeks before you get product,” Caskey points out. “With, you can get product in a matter of days.”

Direct sales arm

The company also has a direct sales arm called Direct. This is a valuable resource for flea market vendors who make recurring purchases or who want to make larger quantity purchases and for whom the auction format does not work. Direct will configure the right loads for them.

Liquidity Services and Direct are owned and operated by Liquidity Services Inc., the largest global online marketplace for surplus assets. Liquidity Services is involved in end-of-life goods across a variety of verticals and industries including consumer goods, energy and transportation, government and capital assets. In July 2012, the firm acquired Go Industry Dove Bid, a European-based company that operates in the capital assets space outside the U.S. and works with some of the largest manufacturers and retailers in the world.

Liquidity Services Inc.

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