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High Quality Turkish Rugs, Runners and Doormats

February 25, 2014 by Gloria Mellinger  
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High Quality Turkish Rugs, Runners and Doormats

Rugnur & Co. / Maxy Home is one of largest U.S. importers of area rugs and doormats from Turkey. “Turkish rugs are well known for their high quality materials, design, and labor,” says Ibrahim Sonmez, president and CEO. Products include mid level area rugs in a variety of sizes as well as shapes such as rectangular, round and oval. The company also sells runners and rubber-backed doormats. The firm’s most popular sellers at flea markets are 5 by 7 foot rectangular and 5 foot round carpets. “As an example, some of our 5 by 7 foot area rugs wholesale for $15 and can retail for $39, but vendors can easily sell them for $29 and still make 100 percent profit,” Sonmez explains. “Some of our flea market vendors are now purchasing from us and selling to other flea market vendors with a satisfying profit margin.  We keep our profit margins very low, so in turn our vendors can make a favorable profit. Their customers get a very good item at a very affordable price, so everyone is happy.”

Rugnur & Co. / Maxy Home continues to expand, and is preparing to launch a furniture line. “Our new furniture line will be perfectly suitable to easily sell at flea markets and discount stores. We are very excited about this upcoming line,” Sonmez adds.

Customer service and sales strategies

High Quality Turkish Rugs, Runners and DoormatsSonmez began selling rugs to flea markets and discount stores in 2010. “I used to buy area rugs from a local wholesaler and deliver them to my customers in a blue Chevy van. Every time I made deliveries, I tried to help my customers by sharing my sales strategies and ideas with them. Through this, I formed strong partnerships with my vendors.” In a short time, Rugnur has grown his line and expanded his sales force, but vendors still remember Sonmez’ hands on customer service. “Nowadays, when my sales reps visit a customer, they say, ‘Oh, you are the guys with the blue van!’” Today, Rugnur / Maxy Home serves vendors with two distribution centers. The firm has a 100,000 square foot warehouse, and $5 million in inventory with 95 percent of goods in stock.

No minimum order

Rugnur / Maxy Home cooperates with its vendors’ budgets, and, so as not to limit their purchasing power, there is no minimum order. The firm has created displays for its runners and area rugs. “With a satisfying order, we give our displays as a gift to our vendors. They will sell more with these displays,” Sonmez points out. To learn more about Rugnur / Maxy Home, visit the company at ASDLV, March 16-19, at booth SU2812.

Rugnur / Maxy Home

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Paterson, NJ 07503
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Fax: 212 320 0217
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