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Cajole with Top Accessories

February 27, 2014 by Gloria Mellinger  
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Cajole with Top Accessories

Cajole is a family owned and operated business dedicated to supplying the latest in creative and innovative products. The company recently expanded its line of popular electronics accessories. “Mobile devices are here to stay, and sales of electronics accessories at flea markets just keep getting stronger,” states Jason Barlow, partner.

LYCUS earbuds

One of Cajole’s recent introductions is LYCUS premium stereo earbuds, which offer both comfort and quality. “They have a jeweled facet on the end,” Barlow says, “but they are not only good looking, they offer great noise isolation and exceptional sound.” The LYCUS package includes three sizes of silicone ear inserts and a microphone. Retail is $20 to $25.

The firm is also distributing Applecore™, a product used to manage the variety of cords associated with electronics. The user wraps a cord around the apple core shaped device to make it neat and manageable. Applecore is available in small, medium and large so it will accommodate all types of power cords and cables. “It is one of those items that people buy initially and come back for more,” Barlow reports. “The product is delivered in a custom counter display that attracts attention.” Retail is $3, $4 and $6.

Tempered glass screen protectors are another new addition to Cajole’s product assortment. “They are great for a cell phone. You won’t experience bubbles under the glass, and they make the screen extra tough, sensitive to the touch and crystal clear,” Barlow continues. The product is presently available for iPhones 4/5 and Samsung S3/S4. More will be added this year.

Cell phone covers

Cajole with Top AccessoriesWhat’s more, Cajole has expanded its line of cell phone covers, and offers an array of top quality covers in a range of prices and styles. “We have some with tons of bling and others that are mainly for durability and protection,” Barlow comments. In addition, the firm has a new nano stylus with a fiber mesh tip instead of a rubber tip, which wears out. The fiber mesh tip glides across the screen and is ultra sensitive, Barlow notes. It is extendable from 2.5 to 5 inches, and retails for $12 to $20.

Outside of the electronics realm, Cajole continues to add other fun accessories. HipSsister, as an example, is a wearable band that goes around the waist or hips and has zipper pockets to carry money, cell phone, credit card, driver’s license and other small items. “It’s a super fashionable alternative to a fanny pack,” Barlow explains. Retailing for $28.99, HipSsister is available in several colors and patterns, of which black, pink, lime green and teal are the most popular. “The product just launched a year ago and the response has been incredible. People love it,” Barlow shares.

Another item recently added is the Kanga Pocket, a highly stretchable pocket. It has a 3M sticker on the back so it can stick to a variety of objects, such as a cell phone, and can hold a stylus, credit card, ear buds, charging cord, and more.

Fun Bag & Artic Chill Towel

Cajole with Top AccessoriesAnother cool product is the Fun Bag; waterproof up to 30 feet, it will keep personal items dry, such as a cell phone, camera and money. Moreover, the clear bag allows one to shoot pictures and video under water. Cajole has several other popular products that have been selling well for years, such as the Artic Chill Towel, a cooling sport towel that users wet, wring out and shake to unleash its cooling properties.

With the enormous variety of products available, minimum order varies and is generally 12 to 24 pieces. Cajole’s products provide flea market vendors good profit margins, often triple wholesale pricing. For wholesale prices and to place your first order, contact the company directly. Reorders may be placed online or by phone. Visit Cajole at the ASD Show in Las Vegas, March 16-19, at booth #SL1141, to view its new products and learn about show specials.


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